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  1. Thanx for the comments, I appreciate them! Its a "Wallet Mouse" so you always have a way to open those darn DVD cases! The sheath is made out of textured card stock and I lined it with aluminum tape. Rik
  2. Rik Palm

    Vindsval the cold wind

    Jake! That is really NICE! I really like the notch in the blade Rik
  3. Well, I haven't been around much. I've been busy at work, life, orders, etc... but I thought I'd pop in and share this really mousy knife and cheesy sheath! I hope all is well with everyone thanx for looking Rik
  4. Rik Palm

    photo safari

    Thanx so much EVERYONE! We had a good time, kids are so stressed out today. I don't remember being stressed out ever during school. I bought a new camera and my son got the old one so now we just fight over the lenses! Not as bad as it sounds we just swap cameras. One of us will have a macro and the other one will have the longer lense. I've been busy filling knife orders and trying to get caught up enough so I can do some experiments. So does that mean, if your having trouble with ideas......... just simply work on things you need to get done and you'll crave time to get back to new paths? thanx everyone! Rik
  5. Rik Palm

    photo safari

    It's been along time since I posted some pics. My son and I go out and have photo safari's together. Tiger Lily Flying Bee leaf My sweetheart Trash Quenching Humpy 2 Anyway thought I'd share thanx for looking Rik
  6. These are the last 2 knives before The Reno Show. Now I'm in sheath making mode. The first one has been on the bench for quite awhile. It was made from a railroad spike. The knife turned out to be 9 inches overall length with a 4 1/2 inch blade about 1 1/8 inch at its widest. †Full length distal taper starting at about 3/16 thick, swedge is not sharpened. Its about 5/16 thick at the guard and 5/8 inch thick at its butt. †The seacow rib was really weathered so I coated it with mineral oil and its color came to life.†Here's a pic of the finished Railroad Spiked knife. Here's a pic I also did a small pictorial of it being made if your interested. Railroad spike pictorial I also made another Relic knife this one has a guard and handle spacer. Its about 11 1/2 inches over all with a 6 1/2 inch heavy textured blade, weathered antler crown, 1018 guard and handle spacer. thanx for looking and now I got to get back to work! Rik
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    HOW CUTE!!! my wife and son just melted! so far we've only rescued our one cat Nice story Dick!
  8. Rik Palm

    Stag & Steel

    Nothing fancy just steel & stag. 13 1/2 inches overall, 8 1/2 inch blade with long slender distal taper, 1 3/8 inch at its widest and about 3/16 inch at its thickest. Pinned stag scales on a tapered tang. Balanced at the choil. Thanx for looking Rik
  9. First knife of 2006. "Scrolly" 8 inches overall, 3 1/2 inch blade (1 3/16 wide), 5/16 inch thick at the butt and tapering to the point, This was the most hand sanding I've ever done. Here's a bottom view thanx for looking! Rik
  10. Rik Palm

    Rotary Tools

    I looked for the thread on the NSK and couldn't find it so I thought I'd start a new one. I had the chance to try out my new Presto (NSK) air driven grinder. I like it! I'm really surprised at how much torque it has, it doesn't really remove alot of material like a Foredom but it is really precise and fun to use. I was carving on steel and forced it into a crack and the burr would get stuck once and awhile but I was really pushing the tool. Haven't tried it on wood yet but thats next, my son gave it a whirl on wood. Rik
  11. Rik Palm

    Wedding Rings

    Ok Greg, that was funny!
  12. Rik Palm

    Lindsay AirGraver

    Well I'm really anxious to give it a try! I got one a couple days ago and the compressor is suppose to arrive today! (it got held up, grrrrrr) anyway I'm glad you posted this Jim and your pin is Very nice! I'll let you know how it goes. It's a very beautiful tool, and Steve is a very nice guy to talk with and very helpful. When the compressor didn't show he was on the phone with my wife! he had been tracking its progress, talk about service! Just Outstanding! Rik
  13. Rik Palm

    Wedding Rings

    Those are very nice! The etch, shape, color, etc.. just perfect!!! I'm dying also to hear how she likes them! contgratulations!!! Rik
  14. Rik Palm

    Leaf & Snail

    That's AWESOME!! Janel It just begs to be held!! Rik
  15. Rik Palm

    Securing ivory

    I'd like to test how far you could push the ivory, I wonder if anyone has done any stress testing and the like. I'm just begining with it and at first I was be scared off using it for knife handles because of all the stories, but it carved really nicely and I was amazed at how strong the threads can be! I really had to twist hard to strip the threads out! on a 2/56 screw. BTW: so far I don't like working with gold, hmmm I must be doing something wrong. I used a gold pin on my moms carved damascus cross I made for xmas and I had the toughest time with it. HA last night I was working on another knife and was making a special pin for it...... then all of a sudden it disappeared!! Really! I had my wife and son crawling all over the floor looking for it!! nope it didn't fall it disappeared. man..... this thing was almost an inch long, must of been majic gold!!!! I couldn't believe it. Rik hey Jim, you gotta come clean and tell us what you thought of the engraver with palm control!! I want to see the plate you made