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  1. hi Kiyoshi that is very clever - the smoke rings are a nice touch. How are these animated? I can't work out what is making them move? Cheers Darryn
  2. Hi Janel Sorry about that! Here in New Zealand we have a tree called a totara that was/is a favoured wood of the Maori carvers of Aotearoa for making waka (canoes) and other carvings such as the fronts of the carved meeting houses as it is a straight grained wood that is naturally resistant to rot and comes up a lovely dark reddish brown colour. It was also hand sawn and split and used as fence posts by early european settlers/farmers and a strainer is just a larger post that anchors the fence and takes the strain when things are tensioned up. The piece I used was very old and all the natur
  3. Thanks David I was pleased with how it turned out It was an interesting project especially using an adze for most of the roughing out. Darryn
  4. That tape sculpture is apretty cool idea - thats why this site has value - you can see the amazing and creative ideas that so many other people have! thanks for posting. Darryn
  5. Hi Janel Firstly the thanks - you have mine for providing the admin and precious time that are required to keep this site going. I have only joined recently but have been visiting and gleaning a wealth of information from this site for a long time. I think it is a big decision to commit to joining and then an even bigger step to putting your work out there for others to see and critique especially in light of some of the truly stunning work that is posted on this site!! I have just done my first post of my own work and trying to resize the pics was harder than the carving! As so many peopl
  6. I found an old Totara strainer post and decided to carve a dragon prow which was a fun task. The wood was VERY old and dry and had a tendency to split and splinter so a fair bit of care was needed with this project especially on the neck. Appropriately Danish oil was used to bring out the woods natural colour and the prow now stands guard outside my front door.
  7. Hi all I would say one of the new go pro cameras would be the right tool for the job. They are small and light and come in a water proof shock proof case and can have a range of macro lenses fitted quickly and easily and even have a variety of mounting brackets available. You can check them out on you tube - try "go pro close ups" as a search. I'm pretty sure they would stand up to the fine dust that ends up coating most things in my workshop. Cheers Darryn
  8. Hi all I’m Darryn and I’m living in Central Otago New Zealand. I mostly carve in beef bone but I’ve done a bit of work in wood and antler as well as hard ( Pounamu ) and soft (Oamaru) stone. I pretty much like to try and carve anything - I even carved a cat skull a while ago. I’ve also made a few knives and a couple of gravers and am interested in learning about smelting and casting metal as well as just improving my carving and design skills as I’m self taught and I’ve found trial and error often provides costly and painful lessons - this site has already provided a wealth of information an
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