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  1. Thank you very much niky! I saw the money Pouch netsuke you have made. Just wow!
  2. Hallo everybody, I have finished another carving. I have made it for a friend of mine. I chose the Rat because he remindes me of one. Below are a few phrases i found in a horoscope about the rat. They suit him very good. ...keen observation skills...full of energy...talkative and charming but also have a tendency to become aggressive....full of good advice but will never share his troubles....honest....capable of surviving any situation and so on. This time I omitted the himatoshi due to his objection. He always tells me that one day I will come to understand that there is no need for two holes in a smal sculpture. The work is made of stag antler and 5,5 x 2,5 x 2 cm in diameter. I hope you enjoy it.
  3. Dear everybody, long time no see. I was very busy the past few month. But I also managed to spend the nights carving. Just wanted to share my new Netsuke. You can find detail information in the filename. I will come back soon to provide some more information about the single pieces. bye
  4. Hallo everybody, I have attached a few images of new works. The hare is made of Whitewood and has eyes made of stag and ebony 4x3,5x1,5 cm Fly Boxwood 3,5x2x1,5 cm Ibaraki Retrieving Her Severed Arm Boxwood 3,5x3,5x2,5 cm
  5. Hallo, i have finished another Projekt. It is made of mammoth ivory which I recieved from a very kind Scrimshaw Artist named Dieter Kaminski. It measures 5 x 3 cm. The hematoshi is still missing because I was not sure if the remained material would be thik enough to hold an inro without breaking. I think i will deal with it some day in the future when my mind miraculously finds a Solution. Best regards.
  6. Hallo Janel, thank you for the advice's. I tested a few pieces before.....then like you said reboiled my Infusion and tryed to concentrate it by evaporate more water, then tryed again.... But yashadama is indeed not made for coloring wood heavely ....like you also pointed out. I saw a few pieces in some of my books they offten had a discription saying yashadama and i liked the looks oft it very much so i wanted to have the same looks for my carvings. I now know more. Masatoshi uses potassium permanganate for darker coloration i found out. THX. Artur
  7. Hallo, i just wanted to share some Netsuke i have made. The first is an older piece i carved.It was the first Netsuke i was satisfied with, it is a Strawberry with a "Fly". I have tried to apply a yashadama stain (like the one Masatoshi is discribing in Mr. Raymond Bushells book "The Art of NETSUKE CARVING"). I also socked up every Information i could get on the forum. But it somehow still doesn`t worked out like i`ve planed it. The Strawberry was in the cold infusion for almost 8 hours. The Fly for 30 min. I also finished the Strawberry with linseed oil and the Fly with Rustins Danish oil. I must say right now i prefer the natural appearance of the polished wood. But my boxwood seamed to be of inferior quality. It had gray strokes all over it. Next time i will plan my carving and material more carefully. Fly- 3,5x3x1,5cm Boxwood Strawberry-4,5x2,5x3 cm Boxwood For how long do you leave your pieces in the infusion? How do you obtain the very dark brown color?
  8. Hallo Janel, I don't have a specific titel, it supposed to be a stylized skull kind of liquefied because of the ability of fear to take any form he she or it is afraid of. Ebony is a really really nice material. I'm looking forward to use it again in time. Thank you for your attention.(Yloh too)
  9. Hallo, I have finally finished my second piece. It is made of ebony and measures 3,5x3x3 cm. It took me almost forever this time. I visited the forum countless times to motivate myself. I`am looking forward to see some new works from other mambers and wish everybody all the best for this year. Best wishes from Germany! Artur
  10. This is my first piece. It still misses the final steps regarding the polishing and staining. But i guess i put it aside and start something new. I learned a lot from this piece. It is made of boxwood and measures 4,5 cm by 3x3 cm. The insect isn't a specific one and the strawberry also have some weak spots. There is no big story behindert just that sometimes sweets already belong to someone not visible at first sight.
  11. I see ... I will do my best next time. I didn't wanted for my first post to look to empty so i put the foto next to it. I will post single shots next time when works are ready. Most of it is ruffly "sketched" with the saw anyway so i thought there is no need for details on the Foto. Thank's alot anyway Danny for your welcoming. Best regards. Artur
  12. Hallo all together, my Name is Artur M. I'am 30 years old. Hopefully i can, not only improve my carving- but also my english skills. I'am studying Art and was always interested in smal Artistik craftmanship especially carving. A few years ago i found out about the great world of netsuke. After alot of problems beginning with what Kind of tools to use and ending with Material problems i now worked my way up to this community. By now I'am addicted and have ridden my way throu all Kind of netsuke related stuft. Still my skills leg behind my ambition.So I don't have any finished or satisfying work. There are also questions relating the hematoshi setting ....by time... Best regards. You can see some of my other artworks (not netsuke) on my Internetsite. www.arturmoser.de
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