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    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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    Writing & Visual Arts (Painting, Drawing, Photography)
    Recently fell in love with soap stone carving!
  1. Laura R.

    New Here, Thought I'd Say Hello...

    Good morning Nester, Nice work - I really like the comfort bird. Welcome to the site.
  2. Laura R.

    Sorry To Say

    Hi Russ, Sorry I missed you. Haven't been on this site much lately and I, too, am new to carving. What I love about this site is the wealth of information here, and the talent. Inspiration comes quickly when I look at the work completed by members of this forum. Even though I can't claim to contribute much, I do get a lot out of this site whether it's reading posts, looking at "how to's", or checking out individual members' websites. Good luck!
  3. Laura R.

    Baby Bird On Feathers

    I love your design and the fine detail in the feathers and expression. Absolutely stunning!
  4. Laura R.

    Hello From Toronto!

    Good morning! Just here introducing myself. I've been on this website many times as a guest, admiring all the beautiful work and trying to learn more about carving. Finally, I decided to join as a member. YAY! (Thanks Janel, for adding me). Currently, one of my first pieces in balsa wood is slowly taking shape; a simple Tiki head (chess piece) that was listed on the internet as a beginner's project. Trying to get the feel of the tools and learning how important/tedious sanding truly is. Ha ha!! But thoroughly enjoying the meditative mood that accompanies this artform none-the-less. A lovely chunk of soapstone sits upon my drysink, patienly waiting to be transformed. But she will have to wait a little longer. Sanding... you know.