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    Bone carving, creation and decoration of wooden items, photography and whatever has to do with creativity.
  1. Hi Vlad, very nice work, I really like it! My only observation is about the cord. I think you better use mat, waxed cord. For example, see the attached photo of a hei matau (the 2nd) I have made
  2. Thanks Bruce! Yes, they are on an abalone shell. The polishing has been done with car wax. I think it gives a good finishing.
  3. Hi, I 'm a new member in this forum and I 'd like to show you a little of my work
  4. Thank you Ed! I appreciate your words. I want to believe that my work is a little bit better right now. These are some of my favorite pendants.
  5. Hello, My name is Dimitris. I have spent the last two years to occupy myself with bone carving. My first contact was when I saw by chance over the internet a Hei Matau pendant. From that day on I started looking for more informations and videos about bone carving and I began to make slowly my first pendants. As I couldn’t find many techniques, I decided to find on my own ways to carve the bone. I know I am still at the beginning and I have to learn much more. I believe that through this community, I will come in contact with people who have similar interests and I will be able to learn,
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