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  1. Thank you Alain. This is an awesome wood resource. Wendy
  2. Thank you Janel. I have looked at Gilmer's boxwood. I was not really wanting a board ft. But that will have to wait for a bit. I do have a wood guy in West Virginia looking around for me there and in MD. If he finds some that are reasonable, I will let everyone know. I read that earlier post as well. Gilmer and Righteous woods both want 100.00 mimimum order amounts. I have read some good reviews about the wood from Turkey. I will have to look into their store and see. I have a competition coming up and wanted to carve a bit larger piece. Wendy
  3. Hello, Sorry if this topic has already been answered a long time ago but I am new and wondered if recently, where all you wonderful people are purchasing your Boxwood? Eisenbrand has some from Laos and from S. America but I have heard that boxwood from there is not great. I see there is some in Turkey as well. I wondered what this was like. Are there any North American distributors? Preferably ones that do not want a 100.00 minimum. I think that is Rude to ask that. I tried the one in Canada A&M woods but they don't have any and do not know when they will ever have any again <-----terrible customer service. Took them a week to answer a simple email and even then they were of no help. Since I am Canadian and this company is from Canada, I apologize in advance to anyone who has a similar contact with these people from the US or Abroad, for their behavior. I have one little stick here that I picked up from a deceased wood turners stash. It originated from LeeValley. Still had the sticker on it for $1.50. So you know how old this piece is .. LOL It is only maybe 1" diameter and about 15" long. Thank you in advance for any help you can give me. I really want to try a larger piece. Anyone have any to spare I can purchase? I would be eternally in your debt! Kind regards, Wendy
  4. Not long Dan. Just started actually. Thank you Bruce for the Warm Welcome.
  5. I would like to say hello to everyone here and just say that I am looking forward to becoming a team member. I am knew to carving but I do woodturning and want to be able to incorporate carving with my turnings. I also have a Dipolma in Jewelry Design and repairs, but do not like the traditional Gold and Silver workings. Wood is my venue and want to learn how to carve small intricate pieces. As for some of my past and some still present hobbies, they include Sculpting of tiny fairies, mermaids and Creatures (mainly Dragons and Froggies) from polymer clay, Quilting and Art Quilts, China Painting, Water color and Acrylics and Fabric Painting and dying just to name a few. Thank you to all for accepting me into this Wonderful Forum. Wendy
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