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  1. I'm really enjoying this... Someday I may be of decent calibur... Trying something different... 2nd attempt
  2. Russ O

    Sorry To Say

    I see this site seems to be for experienced extremely talented individuals and not the beginner minded folks... Wish you all the best and thank you for the one who has been helpful... Russ
  3. It truly is never ending but here's a start of my new venture... Next is my new workshop insulated and air Conditioning ...
  4. Ok... So paint is next... I never have done this before and I used no pictures or patterns so be gentle. There's many things I'd do different lol
  5. I saw it on a video and I thought...wow, that makes so much sense...
  6. Can anyone give an opinion on this product?
  7. I have back/neck concerns and notice it when I draw mostly, fortunately my drawing table is made to tilt which is great. Although I haven't start my carving endeavor yet (toys ordered) I figured Id get a step ahead and build me a table I saw it online. It basically can be angled and the work piece, if flat, can be rotated instead of physically moving the piece...It works for me... Sorry for the bad pics...
  8. I haven't really looked at the proxxons...they seemed more like a handheld with an optional flex shaft...good reviews though...
  9. New to this hobby and I thought Id go with a Foredom SR. I held one today and the handle was large in my hand...I believe they have alternate handles. Are there other carvers I could be looking at...price range Id like to cap at $500. Is air an option?? Ill be doing small wood projects, birds mostly but may stray and use bone... I apologize if I use wrong terminology Russ
  10. What stunning work...so very impressed...Makes me thinks there's so many avenues to go with carving. Wow
  11. Thanks Ed...Unfortunately they only have the Wecheer in store and don't carry the Foredom in stock. I assumed the same thing you said and Id rather spend a 100-150 more now then regret it 6 months from now. I know of no one else in Atlanta that carries this equipment so I guess Im forced to wait and order online. Grrrrrrrr Im not the most patient in these instances lol Im trying to figure what I HAVE to have now and what can wait a little longer to get... Is this about right?? Carver...I was also going to get another handle for a chisel Burrs/accessories Some type of Dust Collection Small finishing type knife Wood Burning tool (I have a 40 watt Weller soldering station with variable heat settings, will that work?) About right??
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