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  1. Hello, I am very, very new to this and will have many questions after these. First, what is the best glove to protect your hand? I bought G and F 1670M Cut Resistant 100-Percent Kevlar Gloves with PVC Dots, I testedthem by putting a sheath into the index finger hole. I made a very light slice to it and it parted like tissue paper. So what are the best? Also, how often should I sharpen and strop your knives? My instinct is after every use, like with a firearm. Is this a bad idea? While I am here, where can you buy blanks suitable for canes - 36" minimum length (longer=better) - and height and depth around 3" inches? God Bless, Jeremy WEBMASTER: Please fix this keystroke missing business. It is vey frustrating to have to correct soooo much. Not my keyboard as it's fine everywhere else.
  2. Hello, Your forum has a serious problem. It misses 1 keystroke for every 5 hit. So I gave up here and wrote on my word processor intend to cut and paste. I can't seem to paste here and I won't write it again, especially as it is a serious chore with this malfunction. So I guess ask me something and I'll tell you. I'll attach my popper intro and see if that works. Can't even do that. <sigh> ~Jeremy WEBMASTER: Please look into this bad problem, please.
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