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  1. Hello wood carvers, and all other types of artists, I'm in my 40's now and haven't really been involved in fine art since I was 19 years of age, which at that time I was building jewelry boxes from various types of woods including some exotics such as Purple Heart. It's kind of a ressurrection at this point to get back into art. I put a lot of thought into it and decided upon wood carving. I think Jim Redhawk inspired me more than anything. I really like his style and way of teaching. But I don't want to carry on about myself. I'm sure many can relate and have such things in common. I just bought the 11 piece Flex-Cut Craft Carvers Set last week, so I have that set and a 1/4" Buck Bros flat chisel, as well as a small utility blade that I use for a detail knife (plan to upgrade this too.) I was craving to carve something, so without having access to any preferred carving wood, I started with one of those tree support poles that you see used in landscaping- I DO NOT recommend carving into one of these. These posts are treated, come to find out, and will chip in layers easily, which is why I couldn't do much detail in the nose area. I got a video here (available in 720 HD) and a condensed photo for slower connections:
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