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  1. Thanks Bonnie, The lip is translucent - I have attached a few photos of making it..
  2. Hello All, I am learning how to carve Jade - here is my first jade carving. Thanks.
  3. Looks like a very nice setup - what kind of point carver is this? I could not figure out what's in third photo..
  4. Looks very intricate - how large is it? Do you use power carving tools of hand tools?
  5. Nice work - what type of material is this?
  6. Very nice work - thanks for sharing
  7. Here is a link that might be helpful for building a water cooling system... http://www.thecarvingpath.net/forum/index.php?/topic/3519-new-to-carving-small-rocks/ -R.
  8. Hello All, I am learning how to carve small rocks - beach pebbles using dental micromotor and fixed point arbor with diamond burs. Have been reading the forum for a while and admire the collective knowledge of this community as well as sharing ideas and helping others via tips and advise, I don't have any of my work worth sharing but recently built a water cooling/lubrication system based on the original design by Daniel Lopacki with some modifications, it works great so far. Here are some photos and a link to a small YouTube clip: Thanks. Raj
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