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  1. Hi..found your group while researching Ukrainian Easter Eggs. I basically love to make things and actually tried to post some photos but don't know how to get them from iphoto to this website???? Anyway, I am an art major (MFA Painting) but taught art and Latin at our local high. I've always loved construction...miniatures... felted replicas....making jewelry.....embroidering, crocheting, knitting, tatting...sewing clothing....beading....the list goes on. I'm just a dabbler I guess. I have a few Dremels, a Foredom, a Little Torch, etc. Lots of jewelry tools. I am interested in egg shells. I had made Christmas ornaments many moons ago by blowing out the eggs and using Testors model paints and pipe cleaners or copper wire for hanging. They lasted forever it seemed! Finally disappeared during a move. I was hoping to find some type of micro motor---guess that's what I'd need---that would carve both egg shells without tearing them to pieces but that would also accept attachments for engraving (drawing) on metals--sterling, copper, brass, etc. I am supposing there exists one that could be adapted by changing the attachments for carving? I would really love some advice on this. I haven't had time to look around the website yet but would love to see everyone's work...I'm sure there are galleries galore here! Thanks again for any help..... I will post some pictures if I can ever figure out how!
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