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  1. I’d like to say Hello to All Forum Members! My name is Zoltán, I’m from Budapest (Hungary). I design and prepare jewellery using traditional handcrafter’s techniques like carving, punching, embossing or modelling and casting. I very often use the Japanese Shibayama technique for making jewellery. I like Japanese-style objects because of their small size, the design and the meticulous elaboration. I’d like to improve my skills and knowledge in carving and shibayama/inlay topics. Unfortunatelly I couldn’t find any description about working process of preparation and used materials (glue, lacque, tools), so I had to figure out how to make it (some pictures about Shibayama inlay: http://www.individua...jewellery-made/). Thanks for accepting me into this interesting forum! Zoltán I attached pictures about my two favourite items. (Sorry because of the picture size, I tried to do my best...)
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