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    Central Coast NSW Australia
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    Fishing, Scratch Model Building, Box making, and now relief carving only the start of the journey on this one
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    H I Russ don't leave just yet I have just got here I to do not no anything about relief carving and it would be good to have some one else in the boat with me! I have sent you a PM that might help you Colin B
  2. Hi I am only at the start of my journey with relief carving. For some time I have been into box making and models of automotive plant that is cranes trucks bull dozers etc. I also scratch build model work boats namely Tug boat. I live in Australia on the Central Coast NSW at a place called Woy Woy A lot of my time is taken up by fishing which is the great love of my life. There is not much more to say other than the fact that I am looking forward to my journey with all these wood carvers Colin B
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