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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lagarostrobos It is very nice to carve, though I have never carved anything else so cant make a comparison to other woods. Growth rings 1mm apart, creamy smooth and quite aromatic. It only grows in some remote wilderness areas of Tas and is no longer allowed to be cut down but because it doesnt rot, trees that have been down for many years are still salvaged and milled.
  2. Hello. I have recently started carving again. Here are some photos. These are in Huon pine. Kind regards. Jason.
  3. The wood is dense, with growth rings only a mm or so apart, but it is relatively soft. I find fine detail difficult, in part due to the softness I think and I am considering trying a different material to explore more detailed work.
  4. Hi. I live in Tasmania and I have been carving on and off for the last few years, mostly in Huon Pine which is an endemic species here and very nice to work with. There is certainly some amazing and inspirational carvers on this forum! I hope to draw on the wealth of knowledge and inspiration here as I move forward with my carving, sharing as I go.
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