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  1. Hi Everyone ‚ÄčI have just finished carving two faces in an old poplar log,basically just using a wecheer reciprocating carver attached to a dremel and an oscillating tool, the log was triangular shaped so I carved a face on each side, painted the faces with acrylics and sealed with a matte finish water based varnished and placed the log in the flower bed in front of my house,.I am attaching some pictures. Bruce
  2. Hello form Nova Scotia I have been carving for about 10 years,have carved wildlife (birds,fish,dogs,etc) ,I prefer to carve caricatures Santa,mountain men, fishermen.,elves,magnet faces,folk art items.I carve in basswood,white pine, eastern white cedar,yellow cedar,cypress knees and air dried poplar .I prefer to carve with knife and chisel but also use rotary tools ans a reciprocating carver. I am a member of the Truro Carvers in Truro NS. I live about half way between the north pole and the equator. I am attaching a few pics of some my carvings Bruce
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