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  1. Hello Yoshii, Automaton is something I have been doing for many years. I love mechanical things, things that spin, vibrate, move up and down and side to side. The mechanics are simple and the finished pieces are beautiful to look at. They relax me... Your Automatons are beautiful to look at. My children and I were very much amazed by your Ako-chan skipping rope. How does Ako-chan jump and suspend in the air as the metal rope traverswes above her???? That is brilliant and I would like to learn that from you. Please continue your excellent work as you have made an old man and his children, very happy. Thank you and be well, Nestor
  2. Hello Yoshii, Welcome to the group. I am very new to carving netsuke. I find the carvings very beautiful. Costello Boxwood has become a favorite wood for carving small carvings. Good luck and I hope to see some of your work soon. Be well, Nestor
  3. Hello everyone, This is my first netsuke following the directions from "Carving Japanese Netsuke for the Beginner" by Robert Jubb. It is made of Costello Boxwood and I used some of the tools I made and a Charlie Sheppard carving knife I just purchased. I love working with the Costello Boxwood as It cuts so smoothly as to leave an almost polished finish. I enjoyed working on the small sized piece and believe I have found a new hobby I can truly enjoy and grow with. I still have to make the eyes, which will be made of water buffalo horn and then finish polish with a wax. Any other recommendations are surely appreciated. Thank you all and be well, Nestor
  4. Thank you Laura. They seem to be a favorite amongst those who see them, as I've been asked to make these little birds for many of my friends. They're always good for a smile and an Awwww!
  5. I am so sorry about the size of the large photo, I thought it had been resized. I apologize... Nestor
  6. Hello folks, My name is Nestor and I live in Lakeland, Florida. I'm pretty new to this fantastic hobby (started about 8 weeks ago) and I only wish I had started carving 40 years ago. Truth is, I never thought I could do it. I was affraid to try. Well, here I am today, carving, learning and enjoying every minute of it. In doing research, I came across Janel's website and fell in love with her carvings and Netsuke in general. I've made some tools, of which I will post photos of in another thread to have critiqued. In the mean time, here are a couple of photos of my first carvings. I know they're kind of rough looking but hey, I had to start somewhere... Thanks, Nestor
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