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    Hey everyone, I recently purchased a ring made by Ryk Maverick of Starlingear. I did a little research and came up with a few videos of some behind the scenes of his work. Also a nice promo video of his company. I do not have any stake or rights to his company, I just thought the video`s were well put together and a nice story of a still Made in the USA product. I enjoyed the videos and thought maybe some of you would also Peace...............D
  2. Hello Ezz EL, I realize this is old but I just noticed it! LOL. That is a great idea. Weird thing is I have two of the same boxes. They used too be water meter parts boxes. They have the same dovetail corners and latches. Mine don`t have a handle though. They are as old as the water co, so I am guessing at close to 80 years at least! I was using one to put files and burrs in. I know have a need for the other! Thanks! Small world indeed.
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