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  1. I have recently done a cow bone carving sort of off the cuff without really preparing or looking into techniques etc. It worked out ok but it made me think about a few things, the above question being one of them. So how do you treat your bones?
  2. Hi, My name is Reuben. I have recently completed an off the cuff necklace carving. It is the first carving I have done and it has brought up some questions. The carving was from cow bone and is of a fish hook. This is a common design in New Zealand Maori culture representing health, prosperity and safe travel. So far I'm satisfied with the end result other than the odd tool mark in the bone and it has made me want to do it again better. The question I have is how do you treat the bone? The bone I used has a couple of blood vessels in it. I'm assuming you don't just leave it as is and hope for the best? I will add a picture when I figure out how.
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