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  1. Setter

    Horn Layers

    a piece out of three different horn pieces (inlay). Horn is fantastic to work with. especially if polished...
  2. Hello, I´m new to this forum. I would like to show you some jewelry I crafted. Here´s a little bird out of mammoth ivory...
  3. Hello, my name is Harry. Once, a while ago i was living for a time in a cave on canary islands. On these island(s) you are able to find small pieces of beautiful coloured shells "spondylus". And thereby my intentions of carving started. From my point of view I´m still a "beginner" in carving, not ready yet for small detail work. I hope to get some advice from members in this forum, to be able to go further steps, to share my experience with different materials and learn. I enjoy very much to work with fossil bone(s) and tooth, trying to bring the material into a "form" for wearin
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