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  1. Well I was hoping to add to and glean from the people that frequent here and found myself late to the party. I wonder if there could be some fiscal assistance from such a source as go fund me. I am at a distance for certain but would not be adverse to assisting within my skill set of some IT skills. Hate to see this resource go the way of the dodo bird.
  2. This guy came and stayed with us for a while. We let him go and he came back again for a visit.
  3. Hi all, just some stuff I did many many years ago and thought I would share. the mushroom was a ryholite sculpture and I placed the crystals and seashell on a slab on petrified wood for a little "still life" thing. The rough carving of the little guy with the potion bottle was like my 2nd ever effort at sculpting. Thanks for looking and not being too critical. comments are appreciated however
  4. Janel, I am located in Casper, Wyoming USA. You can add my dot to your map.
  5. very cool. thanks. Question are the interlocking pieces able to move freely, or are they still slightly attached to each other? And I thought it was a challenge to carve a chain...
  6. Janel, Yes as soon as I got the acceptance email reply, I visited the site and the image markers that I was clicking on (which would then say you do not have permission.....) are now showing up just fine.
  7. New here thanks for allowing me into this forum which I hope will prove to be a wealth of information and learning as I re-approach my artistic desire in the sculpting of nephrite realm. What attracted me here were the postings of Daniel Lopacki and his work. In my non member status I could not view other photos and so I will certainly continue to be impressed by the membership I am sure. I was president of the Natrona County Rockhounds here in Casper, WY for a time until my job demands and hours changed and negated my ability to attend the club. I am a long time jade hunter and really REALLY like going to the field and finding Our Native Nephrite and other treasures that the prairie hides in plain sight. Here is a pic of my 1st 3-d carving in Nephrite. (actually my only 3-d to date) The Black ring is Edwards and the green cab/eagle is chrysoprayse. The other stone is my 1st ever piece of Wyoming nephrite that I found in my youth. Stones fuzzy in the background are Kimberlite from Wyoming/Colorado area.
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