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  1. Wow! This is amazing! thanks for all the detail and pics of your process. It's gorgeous. That copper looks exactly the color of a bullrush Also I see Mr Kelso gave it a thumbs up, so strong work!
  2. This is so beautiful! Your daughter will love this for the rest of her life....
  3. This is such a great idea...and your carvings are awesome. "studies" he says.....😂🥺 I've been carving approx. the same size heads out of ebony and Blackwood for a few years. If I had taken the time to carve some studies, I'd have saved myself a lot of grief. A lot.
  4. I've been using the same flex cut combo as in Ed's pic for years....I clean it off with a tooth brush now and then and I'm amazed it's still intact. I love the yellow compound that comes with it..better than Zam even. I have never heard of using cardboard, but I've had the same problem Janel mentioned, I'm gonna try it.
  5. That was fantastic! Never would have found this if not for your post/link. I'm constantly amazed at what people are doing. Janel- you've been a huge inspiration to me, your work is incredible
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