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    Art, history, miniature sculpting, travel,motorcycling, lost wax casting,and of course sleeping ZZZZZZ
  1. bruno

    Hello From Egypt

    Ya Baba what are the chances of running into another carver here from Iskandaria your age ( 1954)? I work mostly in wax and metal. Bruno
  2. 2-Tone brass. Rotates to boot! Fits Honda VTX1300C
  3. bruno

    Motor Cycle Rear Signal Visor

    Made for my ride. 3 pc. hinged visor. Native American Indian Chief styled after Pontiac car emblem. Shaped on lens housing in wax/clay. Note 3-d flames and feathers . It works for me! Cast, finished in 2-tone brass.
  4. bruno

    Motor Cycle Rear Signal Visor

    3 pc. hinged skull visor. Shaped on lens housing in wax. Cast, finished in 2-tone brass.
  5. bruno

    Sterling Silver.925 Chalice

    3 part sterling silver chalice . Fiftieth wedding anniversary for my in laws in Poland. Made over 17 years ago in 3 parts in wax, Cast assembled in metal. Originally Gold plated inner.High polish antiqued ,outer. 6"high.
  6. Largest project to date 10 years back. Sterling silver .925 with 10k yellow gold enameled collar. Made in five sections in textured wax. Organic finish exterior/polished inner. Top and collar turned on lathe. Bottom shaped 1/mm wax sheet,shaped on clay master. Cast, assembled and chased/finished. Specs: overall height:178/mm top ID opening : 40.8/mm narrowest point on neck:34.5/mm width, bottom:77.9/mm
  7. bruno

    My Work

    [attachment=10851:PICT2431.JPG]Started in the Jewelry business in 1972 and have not stopped since. It's one of the few jobs were you can be involved in the process from begining to finish. No two days are the same.You are dealing with a product with intrinsic value,asthetics as well as historical significance.Practical as well and off the wall projects.As a jeweler/modelmaker I have had projects that were as involved as having to make sunglasses with a mini CCTV camera hidden behind the bridge for the US Secret Service to Kickass Biker Skull jewelry were I have been a leader for over 25 years. Other work that has come across my bench has been classic Tiffany type diamond designS, as well as miniatures for the toy industry,figurines for the Pewter market,and models for film props. Alway[attachment=10839:!Bg28JTw!Wk~$(KGrHqUOKj0ErzNsMiv7BLG64!W6EQ~~_35.jpg][attac930.jpg]hment=10838:DSC04936.jpg]JmY2__kNlZOGS3rW5uTNaaNgpwk_1024.jpg]