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  1. Many thanks Janel, and sorry for the delay. I'm very interested in the techniques developed by ancient artisans so your comment about hand tools was an opportune reminder (It is easy to be drifting pleasurably on the network). Sergio
  2. Hello, I'm new to bone bone carving and Dremel (4000 with flexible prop). I'd like to get some advises on: SPEED First: What Dremel bits are better for bone carving, regular speed or high speed bits? I suppose that wood carving bits (high speed) will work better with bone but, you know, suppositions are not too reliable, as some ancient wise people did teach. It's always better to ask experienced persons. Second: What range of speed works better for bone carving? SECURITY I have seen some tutorials saying that we must use a full face respiratory mask (very expensive here). Other colleagues (yes, I'm a bit brash) uses regular respiratore mask/filter in their tutorilas and very simple glasses. Thinking in a very short budget and a very careful maintenance of tools , what kind of implements are secure enough for bone carving? As you can see, I'm still buying the tools and I didn't test the material (bone). Many thanks.
  3. You are very kind Janel. Thank you.
  4. Hi all, I'm a generic designer with more than a quarter century of experience. Looking for stone carving videos in Youtube I did find several related to bone carving. I was amazed by the beauty of some works and, especially, the aesthetics of some works with Maori influence. I did immediately start a search for tutorials and, after a pretty interesting journey, I did google for a forum related to this discipline. So, I'm a pure newby. I have some little awards in other creative areas (furniture design, stage plays, graphic design and digital animation). I wonder if I'll be able to embark on a new creative adventure successfully. As a teacher I did learn that students can always contribute with fresh knowledge an ideas, so I'd like to put, in a future, my two cents for the benefit of the forum. Thanks
  5. I did enjoy them a lot. It's a pretty nice little world. I'd like to see a short film by Kiyoshi Yoshii. Best regards.
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