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  1. Hi Greg, A Dremel engraver is without a flex cable, right? Did the shop where you got it say that it's suited for stone carving? I'm not all that experienced in stone work but for engraving I'd suggest diamond burrs and wet carving. But I would advise against it if you don't use a flex shaft.
  2. I recently introduced myself on the INS forum and just now realised that I never introduced myself here. I'd like to introduce myself, my name is Jessica I've been carving for about 8 or 9 years now. Mainly to while away the hours (at work), working as a nightwatchman.I started by carving any sort of wood I could get, carving with a stanley knife I ended with lots of cuts and a few nasty stabs.Then I passed over to bone carving. Over time and with some helpful friends I met through facebook I started to gain some better materials & tools. I've only really started to "see" netsuke after I acquired a lot of boxwood, while looking into the qualities of wood. I carve anything that my mind wonders of into. I have much to learn, but it wouldn't be fun if I didn'tThe first is a kagamibuta, made with two toned chacate preto and a bone lid. Second, a little carp that started as a bas relief and ended more into a high relief, my first attempt to inlay amber eyes. Sanding still needs to be completed.Third, we had a Buddha & Mind exhibition last year that led me into trying a simplified posture and expression. Remains unfinished for now. Fourth, a little sleeping shiba inu. Few weeks ago I was walking my dog and we ran into one that had left his owner in the dust. Him and mine made good friends straight away and we where able to rejoin with the owner. I came into work and carved this little piece. There's still some more shaping and sanding to be done, but it's almost finished. The last piece is based on a dried leaf that grabbed my mind and gave me sleepless nights, it's not where I'd like it to be. I'm actually unhappy about it, but there's lesson to be learned for me. Skulls are always there in between everything else, something of a safe shape I can experiment with at a whim.Thank you for looking, comments are always welcome
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