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    Wood carving. Drawing, painting, knitting and crochet, tunsinian crochet, starting to refinish a table, dog training, fishing, learning survival skills just learning in general is my main interest
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    I'm Me, Who Are You?

    Very gorgeous peices. Very pretty.
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    Good Afternoon From Rhod Island

    My name is Jodie and I am from Rhode Island in the USA. I guess you could call me a rookie whittler? Small figure carver maybe. I am Legally blind 20/400 aquity and highly nearsighted which makes whittling/carving more interesting :-) I am still figuring out how to make certain cuts in the right spots to get the results I want. I am currently using scraps of 1x2's and some downed tree wood by my apartment to practice with. I purchased a set of knives that are razor sharp and the removable tips come in all types of shapes and size. Already cut myself twice. My 2 projects I am working on is a small dog from a 1x2 piece of scrap wood. And an old ladies face from a downed tree limb. The woman's face has been sitting for awhile as I have been stuck on proportions and needing to tend to other life issues.