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  1. Hi Im interested in casting, I want to try carving tufa first but I got confused about what kinda stone is used exactly. According to an artists website (Eric Begay) tufa is a volcanic ash... but other sources say (wikipedia) that tufa is a limestone and the volcanic ash is called tuff... Which one is used for casting?
  2. did this lil bone fishhook today with the tools on the pic. my first one that was done without power tools. a good practice with this old rusty jewellers saw. lots of fun
  3. Im officially at war with dust! And have been experimenting a lot to find the best method to eliminate it. love it when the weather is nice!
  4. I recently moved my bench to my terrace cuz the weather is nice and finally installed a fan to blow the dust away. Its nice
  5. yep, it has speed control , but even at slower speeds I still get vapour in the air . but the plastic "splash guard" helps, I just wanted to post it if somebody has the same problem, this is one solution also works well when polishing with a handpiece lots of small particles get stuck on that piece of plastic !
  6. Here is a pic I upload cuz Ive been having mad problems with splash today using a water drip system and a new cutting disk. I do wear a full face mask but water vapour carrying nephrite dust into the lungs is still a real problem because it gets on my skin and I can inhale it later from there. the cutting disk is 3.8 mm and gives me a lot of splashing so I use this little splash guard (a cut up plastic) and use a cut n dip method to cut the jade so instead of a constant dripping water I just do a little cut then dip the jade into water, sometimes submerging it too while cutting. and the splash guard works great. a bit harder to see but with steady hands I still get a smooth cut.
  7. yeah , quartz I ended up making 3 more small beads from it. very layered stone . not the best stuff, only sanded it to 400 grit.. I took some pics of what Im doing now.. I made a little cab today from an agate I had lying around. my second cabochon...a bit of a free style shape cuz the agate has so many layers and cavities I also got a big chunk of Nephrite rough. Siberian...spinach green when I shine the light on it. (other side is polished) Im thinking about making a beaded necklace and a matching earring.. hmm.. and I was finally able to bring an old motor back to life. 1957. good vibes. I decided to build my own grinding machine and saw cuz its pretty simple and cuz dremel grinders and cutting wheels wear out fast. I just need to do some maintenance, oil the motor and change some wires. I'm gonna build the arbor from 2 ball bearings and a shaft to drive with the belt and build a wooden case for it with water drip system. Also this is an open thread so anyone else feels like posting a pic of his work bench feel free..
  8. Yeah, I tried it. I mounted the flex shaft under the tap, I had the water dripping. I have seen the technique in jade carving videos from China but it didn't really work for me . takes a lot of practice to learn ... Im not really complaining tho. When I try carving fine detail again Im gonna try to mount the stone instead. Ill put it on a plate secure it with dop wax, submerge it in water and try to hold the shaft with 2 hands to eliminate all the unwanted vibrations. I have no problem keeping things wet as my workspace is in an unused bathroom and the dremel is hanging next to the sink. I cut out a piece of wood that fits into the sink and its like a table with a tap in the middle But the lil mount I built earlier (for the shaft) I took off the sink today and used it to mod a 30+ years old rusty drill press stand (scrap tool heritage ) and used it to make a flex shaft drill press. Its a very simple mod, drilled my most perfect hole today into an agate
  9. Yes, the shaft does wobble. For me its very hard to do fine lines with it if I try to engrave, have to hold it with 2 hands . not sure if the micro grinder works with water tho:P
  10. Hi I only have experience with the Dremel but I do think the Foredom Bench lathe can be a great tool depending on how you make your beads. The bench lathe looks like an excellent polishing tool. You are mostly gonna be using the flex shaft because you have to do everything wet to keep your tools from breaking and to help with dust. The flex shafts are a lot more efficient when the motor is hanging because the more you have to bend the shaft the more strain you put on the motor so the dremel might be more efficient at this because it can be hanged. Consider the price of all the accessories too and also the technique you want to use to make your beads. here is a good tutorial to see the process : http://www.lopacki.com/lopacki/howto/index.html
  11. Hi I thought I start a topic for recently finished or still work in progress pictures. anything goes, just add a little description about what your doing me first: found a piece of rock in a pile in my garden.. I thought it could be potch opal but honestly have no idea. scratches glass... anyways. .I started making beads out of it. (not polished yet) Here is the first one. I dont have time to continue atm but work in progress
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