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    They Way We Are, Go And Have Been?

    I was thinking about all the folks here and thought I would ask what got you started with carving? I am sure this has been discussed before, but sometimes when I find myself in a dry spell with creativity in general, it helps to bring my thoughts back to what sparked my interest in the first place. Was it a desire to create the things that you yourself enjoy? Or could it have started with an interest in a particular material rather than finished object? Was it a family tradition that you wanted to carry on? Was there a mentor or special person in your life who introduced you to it? I think for me it has been a combination of family memories at the local art festivals in the Summer time, an overwhelming satisfaction of just sitting by a lake or river and picking up stones as well as a fascination for simply having a solid ‘thing’ that I could say I created, to be enjoyed by others. Stone beads have a special appeal to me for some reason that I am not sure of yet…and when I see them all I would like to do is create more of them. It would be cool to hear about your thoughts even if the topic has been discussed, especially since we all evolve on our own journeys, Kindest, Heidi
  2. Hi everyone, I have never carved stone before, but I do have experience using a flex shaft for carving wax and metal. I would like to eventually become skilled at carving stone focal beads (especially jade). I was wondering if it might be best to practice using a less expensive stone that I won't feel bad making mistakes with. Does anyone have any pointers on what stone out there might be good starting point to practice with? Or is it best to jump in with the stone you want to carve, and learn that way? Thank you so much! Heidi
  3. Heidi L

    My New Animal Carvings (Dmitrygor)

    That is fantastic! Thank you for sharing this! Kindest, Heidi
  4. Heidi L

    link to book Carving Netsuke

    Thank you Ed for sharing!
  5. Heidi L

    Hello Everyone From Southern CA

    Hello John and welcome! What you do sounds very unique! Can't wait to see some of your works. Lots of great people here and loads of information from past posts. I have not been here very long but it's been a real treat to look back at all of the information gathered here over the years! Kind regards, Heidi
  6. Hello Nonna and welcome! My goodness yes this one is gorgeous. I am new and Jade is a material which I will be working with soon. Just finishing up my bench set up and waiting for some rough stone to arrive! Do you have any pieces that you've made? Kind regards, Heidi
  7. That's awesome Peter thanks for sharing! Gosh that jeweler's saw photo just brought back so many memories of snapped blades : )
  8. You're welcome Ed! And sometimes things show up differently in photos compared to real life, so these things may not even show up at all but I'd be curious to find out what you see after looking. Kindest, Heidi
  9. Heidi L

    My collection of old tools

    Hi Ivan! Thank you for posting these photos - this is a great collection of tools. I do not know what the symbol is on this bottom photo is, but I bet someone here will! These remind me of the tools I would see when I was a little girl on my great grandfather's workbench. I do not know what happened to them now that I think about it! Welcome to the forum! Kindest, Heidi
  10. Top photo - I see animal heads in the wind, going from right to left. Far right I see an equine like shape of a head, and then a lion of sorts a little farther over. Tried to outline but it did not turn out well.
  11. Heidi L

    Carving is still my life

    Hello Hako , it is nice to meet you. I am new here, and have been admiring the works posted. Your pendant at the top of the post is beautiful! Thank you for sharing and hope to see more of your pieces. Kindest, Heidi
  12. Heidi L

    My first year of carving bone

    Thank you for sharing! The seahorse is my favorite!
  13. Hi Charla! Yes Lapis stone is what this little piece is, or at least they said so at the shop. It was not very expensive, so I thought it might be good to start with. (it's the really deep, vibrant shades of blue without much white or other colors that seem to be way more expensive!) You are going to have many requests for more of those paddles from teammates! Kindest, Heidi
  14. Heidi L

    New Bench Progress

    Well, I am getting closer! Now just waiting for the Dremel to arrive as well as set up of some storage. Need to figure out how I'll hang the Dremel motor but that shouldn't be too involved. I'd like to first start carving away with as little as possible so that I can add storage etc as I find the need for it, rather than setting up a bunch of stuff and having it be not quite right or not needed at all. Might get a little magnetic strip for the wall just to keep bits I use all the time handy. And for lighting - that LED light was $30 at Costco. Great price on a light that puts out a LOT of bright light in case anyone is looking for lighting ideas.
  15. Heidi L

    New Bench Progress

    Oh wow! I love the deck set up! I remember the wonderful scents of the flowers and lush green of the Hilo area. Thank you for posting this.
  16. Heidi L

    New Bench Progress

    Thank you Janel! That is a good idea. I was originally thinking something from the ceiling but a bracket on the wall would be far easier to move if needed. I also bolted the bench to the wall, so it is extremely sturdy now and no space for anything to slip behind!
  17. I got this little slab of Lapis the other day, and I think I will start working on a simple pendant as soon as my Dremel arrives. I think the lines in it look like a little landscape or seascape. I'll let you know as it progresses.
  18. Hi Charla! This is great I really like the lines of the wood and how they contrast with the color of the bone. What are the measurements of it? Great tiny details - I really like it! Heidi
  19. Sounds great David, would love to see it!
  20. Here is the start of my bench. This little set up was just $75 at Home Depot. It came pre-assembled and all I had to do was open the box, fold it out and stand it up. I am waiting for the waterproofing to dry but once that is finished I can start adding to it It is the perfect width - narrow enough to pull my car into the garage yet long enough to have a few stations for working. When I am working on projects I can move the car out. Sturdy little thing too. I only have a one car garage and no basement, and I did not want to start carving in the house due to added dust. This I think is a good little start. I am waiting on my Dremel 9100 to arrive, and will begin some simple shelving once the bench is dry. Now I just need a landscape painting to put up on the wall, to pretend like I have a window!
  21. Heidi L

    Forum system upgrade and your login change

    Thank you Janel! I did not have a problem post-upgrade, aside from forgetting my password but that was user error and nothing to do with the upgrade! Kindest, Heidi
  22. Hi David! Wow this is such a great piece. Love the color of the wood..I don't think I have seen anything quite like it. And just as much as the material, this carving is really really nice. It is extremely calming to look at...as if you could contemplate anything going on in life just looking at it...and also wondering what this guy is thinking about. Thank you for sharing this. Kindest, Heidi
  23. Hi Peter! Thanks for sharing what you've got going on now with the quartz and nephrite! Love the Siberian Jade - I think that is my favorite along with Lilac Jade from Guatemala. The shades of green look really cool. This weekend I am setting up my workbench and space, so I will post photos as soon as it is closer to being done. Also got a hold of a small slab of inexpensive Lapis, and small piece of Wyoming jade to start working with. Might do a couple of simple pendants, practice making the hole and polishing. Thanks for sharing this - love that you brought to life an older motor too. Probably will work better and last way longer than anything new! Kindest, Heidi
  24. Heidi L

    Appreciation Of The Path

    Hello, Thank you for sharing that this forum has helped you. I am very new, and have been looking around at all the wonderful material on this forum for a little while now. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with along your way! Kindest, Heidi
  25. Heidi L


    That is something I can well relate to. Growing up in the woods we had a small creek that ran down the center...each Spring we would find frog and toad tadpoles and had the best time watching them as they grew. It is apparent that you spent a lot of time observing them by how well everything is captured.