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  1. just wanted to share some of my pieces. A pair of bone earrings, #2 pic is a seahorse with a matching bone toggle that my friend wanted as an ornament to hang on her rear view mirror. #3 pic is a honu (sea turtle) koru style. And the last pic is gecko pendant with emerald inlaid into the eyes. Hope you like
  2. I like the hanging light, I may do something like that as well. It gets to dark out on my deck at night. This is my set up.
  3. Hi Heidi, yes I love the wood and bone contrast as well. The measurements for the paddle is 28mm in length and 17mm wide. My friends daughter paddles for one of the teams here so she asked if I could create something for her. I just have to attach a gold bale now so she can wear a chain with it. I love that color blue, but I have no idea what "Lapis" is. Stone? I'm interested in seeing what you do with it. Aloha
  4. Janel, what kind of tools do you use on bone to micro-plane?
  5. Hi Heidi, I'm looking forward to seeing your work
  6. Is there any information on TCP or if anyone possibly has a link of how to do inlays like this that is in the center of the piece rather than on the outside? I work with bone and would like to see how its done on same material. Thank!
  7. Hi, just wanted to introduce myself to the group. I've started carving bone a year ago, pretty much self taught. I've watched a lot of video's and some books as well. I've spent a lot of money buying carvings from other artists until I realized that I could probably make it myself and that's how it started. ​I look forward to learning more from others, especially I'm interested in lashings and doing inlays now. ​I hope you enjoy the 4 photo's I've downloaded. Mahalo Nui, Charla
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