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    Chula Vista CA ( Southern CA in sight of the border)
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    Building and shooting muzzle loading rifles and carving their stocks. Vintage race cars but can't drive them any more due to very bad arthritis!
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    Hello Everyone From Southern CA

    I was searching the other night and found several forums about wood carving. I have started working with this medium as I have been making and shooting muzzle loading rifles for some years now and I have seen on some very old original ones some very beautiful carved stocks. Most are on walnut followed closely by striped maple. I recently bought a high speed air carver (400k RPM) and have started learning how to use it on some of my scrap pieces of walnut. I also have read about 15 books so far on all types of carving and this seems a very interesting hobby. Many years ago I used to work with a duck carver named Del Herbert of San Diego and he did really beautiful ducks so possibly one day........? Thanks, John