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  1. Thanks for the replies, could you recommend some bit and burr names , sizes, types? Thanks!
  2. Hi all, I'm an absolute beginner and have just cut some disks out of deer antler. I'm going to purchase a used Dremel or Proxxon with a flex shaft. I know a better maker would be best, but I don't think I'll be doing any real detail work with a rotary tool for a long time. Mostly "hogging" and rough work I think. What I'd like to know is what tips would you recommend for this type of work. I'll be attempting some plain Manju type netsuke, or maybe simple disk shapes with a silver piece set into it. No real design work with the rotary tool. I'm thinking some rough sanding cylinders , and maybe carbide carving cylinders shaped burr, and round carbide burr. Am I close? Thanks, Mart D
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    Thanks for the welcome! Honestly I stumbled across some images of very simple Manju netsuke, just discs or ovals really, and I said " hey I can do that!" thats about all i can probabaly do too, also a simple shape might be easy to accept my silverwork
  4. Hi all, I'm Martin, a Yank expat in Japan. Just discovered antler carving recently and would like to attempt some simple " Manju " netsuke from some antlers I've collected hiking in my area. Will be asking about dremels and the like and simple chisels and hand tools. If there's anybody else in Japan or in the Kansai area would like to hear from you. I've been doing simple silver castings for just over a year and would also like to perhaps incorporate the two eventually. Nice to meet you
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