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  1. Another very useful tool source is the foam/plastic core fingernail buffers. They come in various grits and can be cut down with (not your good) scissors. Tounge depressors with sandpaper double stick taped to them works good too.
  2. Ha! Love it, a little birdie, packing heat.... Glad to see you are helping to keep Portland weird! ( Eugene weirdo here...) jim
  3. That is a great idea! Really nice use for a contemporary inro/netsuke set. A traditional inro might be a bit much for everyday use, speed of getting to the phone seems like it would be a drawback. But... A case that looked like an inro from the back, but the screen side was open, and had provisions for the sagemono and netsuke would be very cool! Just be sure to share some pics with us. Jim
  4. So if I understand you correctly, the Dremel tool you are using is the vibratory kind? Buzzes and impacts the surface with a non rotating point, right? I think if you want to actually carve the runes deeper you might try a pencil grinder with diamond bits. HARBOR freight has a decent air grinder for around $30, a set of 50 diamond plated bits sells for under $20. Of course, you would need an air compressor too. But that way you could safely cut with a water spray to keep the dust down. You don't want to breath rock dust...
  5. By bail, I mean the hole in the top of the second one, it looks like it probably isn't finished yet. A bail is the loop on top of a setting that the chain of the necklace goes thru.
  6. I really like the fish and the dog really has personality. Good work. I understand about the leaf being stuck in your head. Some things just gotta be made to have any peace of mind. Jim
  7. WOW! Those are sweet! I like the contrast and the way the smooth bone looks against the lines and colors of the shell. I personally would leave the middle on as it is other than smoothing up the bail.
  8. Welcome Marcus. Welcome to the Dark side.....
  9. WOW! Love the work. Welcome to the forum. If you ever make it to western Oregon give me a shout.
  10. A good friend gave me some marine spar varnish, it has uv inhibitors. A little bit amber color but I put a light coat on and it didn't change it too much. I don't really like The feel of shiny handles, so I guess I'll live with any Browning over time. Thanks all. Jim
  11. Cool! Teachers work their butts off. They deserve some recognition for doing a tough job.
  12. Yes, the center cone is spring loaded. It isn't a cutter, but could be. The adjustable point could changed too. If the cone position was able to rotate with the handle as a pin vise, that would work. My understanding is originally it had a knife like blade and was used for cutting gaskets or scribing circles off of a center hole.
  13. I picked this up at a flea market. It's a screw adjusted compass? It was missing the adjustable point, I made one out of a carbide burr. Interesting design, the cone point is spring loaded looks like it may be some watch/clockmaker tool. Works good for scribing radii from a center hole up to 3/16" The knob on the left is the adjustment screw. Nice old style rope knurling on the screwheads. The main beam is triangular. I've never seen another like it. Any idea what it is called or what it was made for? Jim
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