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  1. I have been working on making some swords lately - as pendants and as small letter openers. My kid said, "Dad, why don't you make a sword." At first it did not sound like a good idea - but I really enjoyed making them and now I want to make some more!
  2. Roland T

    Jumping salmon

    wow - really nice work
  3. Roland T

    Mermaid - bone

    Thanks! Yes I'll try to practice some more faces - that is the hard part!
  4. Roland T

    Cyclonic tide

    great looking piece
  5. Roland T

    Mermaid - bone

    Working on this cow bone mermaid - first mermaid I have done. I would really like to get good at mermaids!
  6. Roland T

    link to book Carving Netsuke

    Nice - that looks very interesting. Thanks
  7. Roland T

    Howdy from Los Angeles

    Hi there! New to carving and joined this forum to learn more about this great art form. My sons and I have been fascinated by this since we returned from Maui and have been working on making some carvings. Glad to be a part of this forum, and hope to talk to you. I posted a couple of pics of our work on my profile - which includes my son's creations. We have been using cow bone and are experimenting with staining it to look aged or like other materials. Below is a pic of most of what I have created (missing a moon/sun pendant). Take care.