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  1. beautiful work here and appreciated help, thanks everyone!
  2. Not knowing where to drop this question, I thought in "techniques - how to" would be closest to my point: how do you reduce the danger of work related damage? I carve (Proxon & smaller "dentist" type power tools) wood, bone, antler, alabaster, marble. Small statues (max 25 cm tall) or pendant/small size sculptures that can be worn. And I love working details! The smaller ones work better if I hold them in my hand and rotate them, while working. I hold them tight and before long, I got the tendon of my left thumb really hurting. Doc says it's tendonitis. What would you suggest I'd do
  3. Thanks Ed after intense googling, I could not find any website in the Netherlands/EU selling leather wheels. I'll need to find a way of making my own :--)
  4. Hello I did search the forums... long stories, I read one containing the words I keyed and discover that's not answering my question. And then another.... Not complaining, trying to call out compassion in you :-) I work in ebony and make small, fist-size or mug size statues. But quite intricate designs. I wasn't prepared for this (Im no to the business) but bringing them figurines to a shine takes as long as carving hem. I use power tools, small ones. Can anyone please make a simple recommendation about how to burnish all those small details? I tried sand paper-ing by hand; I
  5. Hello hippies I start with the question for those who can/want to answer it but dont care to go through my intro. And it's about antler. I’ve read posts here and elsewhere, watched videos but I’d like to get an answer from someone who has used antler before. Remember that I live in the Netherlands and can’t get any moose stuff here, just European stuff. What exactly is inside the antler? I mean: I bought at the market 2 saber-tooth tiger fangs (legal and all). Beautiful material but when I cut them open, “sand” (the pulp?) came out and they were hollow. I hoped they’d be more compact.
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