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  1. I thought it a harsh comment too. What`s wrong with a novice showing what they are doing? I cant offer any advice, except keep plugging, carving away.
  2. Marcus C.

    Great Site

    That's so cool. I wished I lived closer. So many talented people live in Japan, I just can`t find any near me.
  3. Thanks for your replies. Love that apple blossom. This is an image of the kind of thing I want to do. Now making the pendants so far is going very well and am happy with the level I have achieved. But as for adding decoration like the fern fonds on this piece?? this is what I`ve been trying to do with my dremel. But my bits either dig in or jump around and make a mess. for that type of thing hand tools? would gravers do that? Or if anyone knows what bits for a dremel. Flame, bud, tungsten? I also love this guys work that he posted on here . I would like to strive for his fine work. but for now something like in the image is what I am aiming for. Cheers.
  4. Hi all. My brother saw the pendants I made for my mum and sister and he asked me for a dragon. They are not my designs, but just part of my trail and error to learn. My brother is quite good with a pencil and is drawing up some things for me to try. That why I don't need to copy images from the net. Anyway massive novice error. The dragon with the wings, I was happy with where I`d gotten and was sanding `n` singing `n` sanding very happily. It still has a bit of a curve in the bone and moving it around in my vice to get at different angles. Slightly over tightened and crack, crack. I`d put the whole piece in the vice instead of just the edge and with the curve in the bone, something had to give. All the time that went into it I didn`t fell like remaking it, I made something a little simpler. Now grey grit from the sand paper is in the crack on the front of the piece, Anything I can do? I guess everyone has had their novice error, or brain fade. If anyone has any mistakes or simple errors that could be avoided I`d like to hear them.
  5. So I have been making some bone pendants, as my start into carving. And looking at all the images around there are quite a few where patterns have been carved into bone. These patterns are mainly just straight lines and curved lines to add decoration to the piece. Now I started carving as I had a dremel for DIY around the house and wanted to use it more. So it might not be the right tool, or I simple might not have the right bits or that I am simply not good enough. I have practiced on bone with no results or technique that I would use on an actual piece. I have also found a guy in NZ who makes gravers for bone carving ($100) but I am not sure if they are the right tool for what I want. Although I think if I did get them I would use them so they wouldn`t be wasted. So If anyone can give me any hints on what bits to use, or the how or if gravers would do it I would be grateful. cheers, Marcus.
  6. Thanks for that. I`m going to give that a try.
  7. @ Jim, Thanks for your comments. I gave it a hand polish, just to show up any scratches I had got out before going to the next grade of paper. And it looks really nice. Am not sure I will probably take your advice and leave it as is. Can I ask you what you mean by bail? @ Janel. The round one was my first one and I found it really hard. And is my most....disappointing...no that is not the right word. least happy with so far (although it was my first) It`s not quite round and I couldn`t the inner curve of the inlay right. Going to have another go at that one, maybe change it up a bit. And then gift it to mum. I also am looking forward to where this is going. My wife refuses to where bone..? So today I found a nice bit of walnut and am trying to come up with an idea for something for her. I really envy the creative people in this world where ideas come naturally.
  8. Just started and am loving the results so far. I got the carving DVD`s by Stephan gilberg and away I went. I am only now on my 5th peice though. The round one is one from his DVD`s the other two are just variations of images I found online, to try different things. I am not artistic really in any way but I can use my hands fairly well, when I know what I want to do. The middle piece is not finished, have put it aside. I want to decorate the large white area I have my idea, but dont know how to go about it.
  9. Hi all, Please to be here. I am a new bone carver, well maybe not a carver as yet but trying. I`m Australian living in Tottori City, Japan. I wasn`t interested in carving at all, but I was doing some DIY around the home and got a dremel to do a few jobs. I knew it was a versatile tool but had no idea what I could do with it, a bit of a look around the net... and well I did some glass etching, thought it was kind of easy. I`m no master, just a hack job. But I think I did really well. Found bone pendants and found watching it come together so much more fascinating. I found something I wanted to do, but wasn`t able and looking for answers I found the carving path. Will post my questions in the appropriate thread, I have found some answers but also now have more questions. To be honest though, I hope this is not just a fad for me. I don`t have a dedicated work space, as I live in a shoe box, which makes it hard. Right now I am really enjoying it.
  10. G`day mate. I am also in Japan, New at this as well. I live in Tottori City a few hours drive from Osaka. I am not into netsuke as such, but have kind of become interested in it. My main interest ATM is bone carving pendants.
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