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    Stone engraving, runes, rune stones.

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  1. Jim, Yes, it's the non-rotary engraver. Was a quicker/cheaper route to start out with. Doesn't do too bad for doing the outline work. Thank you for the recommendations on equipment. Here is the first runestone practice. Took about two hours from drawing to done.
  2. Yes. It's commonly used for putting names on tools but I seen quite a few people use them. They are impact driven and work pretty well so far.
  3. Wassail! Thank you for approving my request to join the forum. I am Torc (preferred name but I'll respond to either) and I am a fledgeling stone scratcher. I picked up this hobby out of a necessity for something I could not find anywhere else. I had been searching the internet for someone to make a small custom runestone with no success. I had looked into various mediums but the purpose of the runestone warranted the material be something that will last and be handed down. I have some background in acid etching, my folks having a business in it when I was a youth. I was going to try my hand at etching stone in the same fashion as we did glass and this led me to the local granite countertop company to buy some scrap pieces to work with, this having a mixed result. I found out that the acid etching idea would not work on the black granite as I was intending, but I could have as much of the scrap that I wanted for free. This lead me to purchase a Dremel engraver and back to the net to find others to learn from. I reside in the Cincinnati area.
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