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  1. Thank both of you for the warm welcome! I carve nor nearly every evening one or two hours. It is fun to do. if it is a bit showable, I take a picture. :-)
  2. Indeed beautiful work. How inventive some people are....amazing
  3. Hi All, my name is Peter, and I decided to join this wonderfull forum. what a lot of worthfull information here, and also a lot of helpfull, skilled people. the art you make is very impressive, and I have seen wonderfull pieces. for a starter like me, a bit intimidating and at the same time a real challenge. I made sculptures for a long time and worked in all kinds of stone. Pitty enough I got a dust allergie a few years ago, so I had to quit. When I sold a sculpture, I mostly bought a Netsuke from a part of the money, so that got me interested in Netsuke’s. And now, I decided to see if I can make Netsuke’s by myself. I did not know how to start, so I stumbled on google on the page of Ko Baas, a member here. he maker extraordinary work,very impressive, so I mailed him with the question where to start. He helped me out teriffic, and even send me a box with several pieces of wood to start with. Thanks Ko! in my ordinary live I am a flamenco guitarist and teach guitar. (I must be careful with knifes and sanding paper, I need my nails to play) I learn a lot from you, and hopefully I can be at use for you sometimes in return. thanks Janel, to make this forum possible. to all a very happy new year for you, and all the people you love. Peter
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