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    Need cane strength wood with angle

    Awww man.... you made me think! Now I have to consider a composite piece, cause it looks so well done!
  2. Paul T

    My Intro (Captain Creaky)

    He should have been supervised, but I was busy with another voice.
  3. I've an itching to make anew cane, but cannot seem to find a piece of strong enough that has the bend at the top for the grip that is also thick enough to carve into a wrap around the hand whilst held. I can work with almost any species of wood and strongly prefer solid pieces. Any source you would recommend? I'm also looking for a piece long enough to turn into a 6' walking stick... covered with faces.
  4. Paul T

    Sealing Bone (Finish)

    Well done tools BTW. Another cheap old guy hint - ask your dentist for tools that are too worn to bother re-edging for patient use. I've gotten some really fine things that take a n edge grandly for my materials. And keep your eyes open for fine river stones to help edge and polish.
  5. Paul T

    Sealing Bone (Finish)

    I've been bone carving for a while and agree 100%. Ancient peoples and craftsmen all over do the same and I've held pieces over 1000 years old and stuff done just 20 years ago -keep it oiled with your hands and it can last. The only nod I give to modern techniques is a thin spray of poly to keep my clumsy from leaving scratches.
  6. Paul T

    My Intro (Captain Creaky)

    Age: add in mileage and I have air beat. Race: Human... in theory. USMC 82-90 Married, 3 critters, all out of the house... my wife replaced them with cats and dogs. Carving: Woods and bone. I also do a lot of other crafty type stuff like leather work, calligraphy, artsy things. Been making my own sealing wax for a while, as well as stains for stuff. Disney holic and dirty old guy who strongly believes Children and laughter are sacred things. I also love free stuff... and have very little shame about begging.