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  1. Keep it up, it's an addictive and rewarding thing the carving path!
  2. I love it, really unusual colouring, but works really well. Great stuff!
  3. Thanks Janel, very kind. Beech grain seems to be of quite even hardness, but under heaver hand sanding, it will produce 'waves'. That's not occurring on my project as I've tried to treat it quite lightly. It does seem to be a problem only when sanding or some instances of scraping. I found this when experimenting smoothing on an offcut, it noticed when running a finger over the smooth surface after working. We have a few pieces of beech furniture produced locally to us by Ercol, one of which is a lovely coffee table that we bought second hand from a hotel during a refit. It is a 1960's on
  4. Thanks! It's coming on and lots of fun to learn new techniques along the way. Best wishes!
  5. Hello, I'm currently three quarters of the way through a project which has morphed from making a simple toy sword for my son into a more involved carving - still a toy though of course! My Son was studying castles at school, part of which involved making a helmet and shield - no weapons allowed! on visiting Corfe Castle in Dorset, he liked the look of some great wooden toy swords produced by Tyme Again - a great change from the usual plastic. Of course, I offered to make him one myself, as I immediately saw a fun project we could do. My initial idea was to make one from old pallet wo
  6. Hello Carving Path members! I live in England, UK and found this forum when researching tips for my current project. Previously, I have carved two canoe paddles, one for my Son and one for my Wife. Being Canadian, my wife introduced me to Canoeing and after a few years of loving the activity, felt my Son would enjoy a little paddle of his own. I used Spruce for this, as it is light and easy to work with. I found out how much fun a spokeshave is to use and was pleased with the result. My next project was a full size paddle for my Wife. This was also a success - the key being taking my
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