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  1. My home club, the Flickertail Woodcarvers, has a carving show and classes every year - including always a beginners' class running 9 evenings from mid-Oct thru Dec. This year is our 50th anniversary, and we've pulled out the big guns - Jay Haavik (of the Oseberg Viking ship recreation) is our featured carver and teaching a class, and Karen Henderson will be teaching greenwood spoon carving and selling interesting blanks (lilac wood has wonderful purple streaks through it.) If you haven't been able to get into Jay Haavik classes elsewhere, come visit us! If you're in the area, c
  2. Hello! I wanted to pass on this free online carving class. Unfortunately it's only free live - so the mornings of July 1-3, 2019 - but hopefully the retired and stay-at-home among us can get something useful out of it. I plan to check briefly on my lunch breaks to see if it would be worth paying for the recorded version, afterwards. https://www.curiousmondo.com/carve-glass-and-stone-free
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