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  1. Isn’t that something? Sadly the guy died at a very young 25. I don’t know what from. His work is even more spectacular than are the better known gothic miniature prayer beads. The details in Janella’s work are just stunning. He obviously made it a point to carve thin almost threadlike elements in the round to showcase his extraordinary skills. I find myself looking at his work wondering just how was he able to accomplish it technique wise. Unfortunately photos do not explain how he did it but only show that he did! Perhaps you might discuss the process and the specific techniques that are
  2. These are the tools of Ottaviano Jannella (circa 1654-1660), a master carver of boxwood microsculptures and some examples of his work. He studied under the famous Bernini. The universe is a crazy place to live in. If you don’t believe me then I suggest you take note of his name - Jannella and then think of another master carver of boxwood named Janel. P.S. Octaviano Janella’s father was named Jannello Jannella.
  3. Hi Janel, Thanks for the help with navigating the forum. I’ll get it all eventually. I was thinking of writing a bit about stuff that might be of interest to carvers like what it might have been like for a prehistoric carver to create a bison representation on a piece of bone whose shape reminded them of that animal. Maybe talk/converse with people about processes and techniques and have conversations that sometimes occur at shows and such. I think artists are often isolated by the individuality of their craft and unless you know of a community of carvers somewhere, forums like The Carvin
  4. Hi Ed, I visited your site - nice pieces/work. There is a textural elegance to your work or maybe I should call it a tactile elegance? Your work invites people to touch, I think. Very nice stuff . I got distracted (lol) by the photo of your tools. If ever you had a 'small' (pun intended) question about miniaturists' tools or wanted to discuss or add advice about them, I’d love it. I am also retired, a former New York City transit worker and while I don’t characterize myself as a fire fighter (out of respect for those who have earned that honor), I did fight forest fires in Washington stat
  5. Just recently, scientists have found prehistoric miniaturized stone tools or 'microliths' in a cave in Sri Lanka. These microliths are already known to scientists as having been used as small spear and arrow points. However scientists believe that they have found evidence of microliths tools being used for ‘working bone' as well. Prehistoric peoples of course used bone needles for sewing but microliths were the type of miniaturized tools that were used to make them and likely decorative beads, necklaces and illustrative carvings on bone. Just thought you fellow miniaturist carvers and ar
  6. I strop ... therefore I am. I carve Netsuke sized wood sculptures (basically Netsuke but without the holes) and love the tools that go to make them.
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