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  1. Thank you for your nice comments. 😊 Pavel
  2. Thank you for the positive feedback. They will be just heads on pedestal. A quick practice carving is good for me because I'm not afraid to make mistakes .. I'm used to carving for example when my wife is shopping in the supermarket and I'm waiting for her in the car. In the end we are both happy, I recommend to all carvers 😊
  3. Thank you both for the positive reviews 😊
  4. Hello all, I quickly carved a few head studies last week. I tried to reduce the size of my carving while still capturing the character or emotion of the subject. They are carved from memory, from linden and are 1.5x2.5 to 2.5xcm in size. Have a nice Sunday afternoon. 😊 Pavel
  5. Careful workmanship, nice design, I like it. Have a nice evening everyone 😊
  6. Finally a finished wooden doll for my daughter. Have a nice evening everyone. ☺️
  7. Thank you very nicely😊
  8. Thak you 😊 I made this two-hour project after playing with the children Ludo? I wasn't able to roll a six. But I still didn't win with this dice. Everyone can find the deeper meaning for themselves.πŸ˜‰
  9. Nice elegant design with an idea .... I like it. Have a nice evening everyone
  10. There are winners and there are losers .... πŸ˜‰ (pear wood)
  11. My partner and I used to make hair clips. I carved a wooden base and she painted it by hand. The mechanism was then fastened with screws.
  12. Hi Francis, thank you for the kind response. It's definitely not a secret :-). Hair clip is carved from linden. This wood is soft, so this solution is as simple as possible. I just drilled two small holes at a 45-degree angle with a drill and stretched the rubber band.
  13. Pavel H


    My faithful dog, the standard schnauzer Marie waits under the table while I work. πŸ˜‰
  14. Very nice, looks like carved in stone 😊
  15. Hair clip for my daughter in first grade elementary school.
  16. Hello Ed congratulations on your recovery from illness πŸ˜‰
  17. I'm afraid I'll let you down. The theater was not performed last year due to the Covid epidemic. I made this puppet to learn the mechanics of moving a creature with multiple limbs. The model for the puppet was Czech professional rock climber Adam Ondra https://adamondra.com/. He climbs the walls like a spider :-) have a nice day everyone Pavel
  18. The original goal of the course is to play a puppet show for children in the old barn on hay at the end of the course. Every year a new fairy tale is invented, the roles are divided and everyone carves out their character, paints and ties their puppet, learns their role, and plays their part in the fairy tale. Of course, during the course, the construction of puppets, puppet theater, etc. is discussed. Pavel
  19. Dear Janel, thank you for the nice review. I was on this course for the first time 20 years ago, but I'm not an instructor. The instructor is a carver and actor of professional puppet theater. For me, this course is now the only opportunity to spend 8 days of uninterrupted work a year. Invent, carve and complete an entire project at once. Pavel
  20. Greetings to all. Every year, a course in the production of a classic puppet is held in a small village in an disused primary school. This is a puppet that I made here last year. Nice weekend πŸ˜‰
  21. Janel, in the photo is my great-grandfather at the beginning of the 20th century and in front are the heads of puppets, which he carved for the puppet theater. Pavel
  22. Hi Andrew, thank you for the comment. Carvers chop is very useful for me (at the link you can see how it is attached) I have my small workshop in the apartment and due to the noise I can't use a mallet or dremel, for example. That's why I have a heavy table on which I have a carves chop attached so that I can use my weight while standing while roughing. My desk is quite high, when I roughing I work standing up, I sit on a bar stool while finishing the carving. Something different suits everyone. Pavel https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/alec-tiranti-scopas-chops-carvers-823280455
  23. Hi, my great-grandfather carved in the early 20th century. When I was 30 I tried it too ... . Pavel πŸ™‚
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