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  1. That's a great point. I think I'm due for some sharpening this weekend. I have the Flexcut Slipstrop with various profiles for small carving tools. I have noticed recently, especially for my very fine 1mm tools they aren't cutting cleanly and leave flaked/fragmented wood edges which are difficult to file/sand down. Thanks Ed 👍 Once I'm done with this piece I'll be done with basswood for good though, just too flakey and soft for the detail I want.
  2. Thank you Ed that's a great way to think about it. I'm not intending to make a facsimile of the original, I'm only intending to practice and learn. So the original really is just a guide 👍
  3. Thank you Francis that explanation makes a lot of sense actually! I'll try harder pressure while filing, or changing the angle with each stroke to see if that prevents the hashing. Thanks Janel! I will attach the photos below. Yea I have a feeling it has something to do with the grain and varying hardness. It seems to occur on the ends where the grain is stubborn. I'm still learning the complexities of the grain and how to work with it rather than against it. Also, I'll have to try those same files on the Castello wood and see if it reacts the same. Thank you 😀
  4. Hi Ed! Thanks, I'll certainly be sanding down a lot more then burnishing a bit to get it all smoothed out 😃 Are the hash marks from files a normal occurrence with coarser files? I was just wondering if I was doing it wrong, or using crappy files 😅 Thanks
  5. We live in a world with many fake netsuke. They flood ebay and lower tier auction houses and sell for hundreds to new collectors. So is it wrong then for an amateur carver to learn by copying actual antiques? If they are being made just to practice and learn, with no intent to deceive or sell then no harm no foul? What about putting my own signature on a copy I've made of an antique? Certainly it's wrong to fake the original artist's signature, but putting your own on their design? Iffy? One counter point - didn't actual in period netsuke-shi students learn by copying designs of the masters in their school? Then isn't learning this way "in tradition"? Certainly these copies being made to practice and learn are going to be very crude and low quality which wouldn't fool any serious collector, especially when there is no intent to fool anyone. Thoughts?
  6. I am using hand files and getting file hash marks in certain spots. I'm curious what is causing this. Please see these 2 images on imgur (So we don't use CarvingPaths bandwidth on large images) https://imgur.com/a/wUvTQc3 Is this the wood telling me to use a finer grained file? Is it due to filing the end of the grain? IE - The file digs out the softer wood but leaves the harder grain wood behind? Something about my filing technique is wrong? Also FYI this is basswood. It's way too soft and I have switched to castello for newer pieces, but would like to finish up these old projects I started in basswood. Thank you -J
  7. Wow! I was impressed then I saw the size and scale next to the penny, and I was blown away! Fantastic.
  8. This was the first carving book I purchased for Netsuke. It is a very simple introduction to materials, tools, safety, techniques, and a few start to finish examples. Again very surface level and pretty short, but a helpful first read for a new carver. 👍 I have been hoping and waiting for Tom Sterling to print a copy of his carving book. It's a bit more advanced and a lot longer than Jubb's. It's available for free online for PDF readers.
  9. JustinR

    COVID 19

    Hope you're doing well Ed! Stay healthy 💪
  10. Hi Janel, Is there an address I can send donations to directly? There is so much useful information here. Thank you for maintaining the site! -Justin
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