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  1. Wow! I was impressed then I saw the size and scale next to the penny, and I was blown away! Fantastic.
  2. This was the first carving book I purchased for Netsuke. It is a very simple introduction to materials, tools, safety, techniques, and a few start to finish examples. Again very surface level and pretty short, but a helpful first read for a new carver. 👍 I have been hoping and waiting for Tom Sterling to print a copy of his carving book. It's a bit more advanced and a lot longer than Jubb's. It's available for free online for PDF readers.
  3. JustinR

    COVID 19

    Hope you're doing well Ed! Stay healthy 💪
  4. Hi Janel, Is there an address I can send donations to directly? There is so much useful information here. Thank you for maintaining the site! -Justin
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