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  1. Thanks for your response. Ive heard great things about the NSK machines, and met a amazing Maori bone Carver who used one. I have also been researching and started using some gravers when completing the fine details in my carvings. Lots to learn ahead, but I was hoping upgrading to a micro motor would help me begin to manifest some of my more detailed carving ideas that I have. I will continue to watch to see what is available used online. Appreciate you sharing your experience with these machines. For the used machine, is it still possible to send it in to get fixed, even if you were not the initial one who purchased it?
  2. Aloha I am currently looking at a used NSK z500 online, and just wanted to ask for any ones opinion on using a used NSK unit. It is listed at $500, which I beleive is a good deal after reading thru these threads. Is there a lot of maintanence and repairs with these units? I have some experience, though I am still on the begining of my carving journey, so I dont expect the machine to last forever, just as an introduction to these sort of high quality micro motors. Let me know what you guys think Mahalo
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