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  1. Ed, thanks for the insight on polishing. I will try this white compound, seems great. I will try to use it with an electric toothbrush, in order to reach the inside areas. I will let you know. Please share your progress with the dragon! Best Pierre
  2. Hi Ed, you'll find three (bad ) pictures of the WIP dragon. It was a discovery journey for me: first time with a tagua nut (previous carvings on avocado pits), discovering my handtools (japan knives and Pfeil gouges)... To date I am quite happy with the result (despite the obvious et numerous defaults), and still working on the polishing part (how to polish in corners, how to avoid grey shade coming from the sandpaper...). Happy to discuss, and collect any commentaries Best! Pierre
  3. Hi! I have put some time into the carving of a small coiled dragon in a tagua nut (pictures to come I hope). Through the process the nut has been colored by my preparatory drawings, and also by the sanding paper I used (it leaves a grey shading...). I was wondering what type of cleaning you would recommend me to use. So far I tried: dishwashing soap, toothpaste, soap I would be thankfull for any idea you may have used. Best regards, Pierre
  4. Hi Janel, yes avocado pits is very soft compared to tagua, even when it has dried. I use it as a training material.
  5. Hi, please find some pictures of a small frog I carved from an avocado spit, using a japanese Higonomaki knife. Happy to receive your comments. I will try to share my works on the go. Best regards, Pierre
  6. Hi everybody, Few words to introduce myself. Pierre, 41, from Paris, France. Interested in crafting small objects with my pocket knife since my youth. I revived this interest due to COVID related containment, leaving time for indoor activities... plus the discovery of the art of netsuke. I am a beginner, carving mainly avocado spits at this time, trying to turn them into small figures, mainly animal shaped. I am also a pocket knife enthusiast, and I use my Higonokami knives to carve (currently looking for more specific tools). Interested in sharing my experiences and gaining knowledge from others. I just acquired tagua nuts, and i am wondering how to work with them... Looking forward to discussing with the community, Best Pierre
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