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  1. jct


    Arrghhh!.... ( je meurs) a+ jct
  2. jct

    Bantam and Seeds

    No, no letter... a+ jct
  3. jct

    Bantam and Seeds

    all is said, I prostrate... a+ jct
  4. jct


    OK, Cornel, Now, you must release this turtle... a+ jct
  5. jct


    hi Lauri, thanks a lot. Gigondas is the best red wine from France ( in the univers), Cheers... just for your eyes: diameter rivets: 1 mm blade: by my friends Mick Moing and PH Monnet handle: mammouth pattern: "la creation d'Adam" by Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni a+ jct
  6. jct


    Thanks all. The leather/epoxy technique is very interesting. There is only one limit , our creativity... I called this one: chrysalide (chrysalis): sheath : leather/epoxy with patina handle: bronze, mammoth , water buffalo blade: sandwitch bien a vous jct do you like Gigondas?...
  7. jct


    hello every body I'm very happy to show you my vision about a kard knife... blade: 29 cm, Mahomet scale damascus by my friend Mick Moing handle: bronze ( engraving by my friend Jean Santos), mammoth ivory with scrimshaw, silver rivets. Knife case: printed leather/epoxy with patina, bronze inclusion , mammoth and velvet it's a long job, 11 months but happiness is not at the end of the way, it's the way I hope you like it bisou jct
  8. jct


    ah!!! Natasha, je vous embrasse ( may i?...) Cornel, je vous embrasse aussi... cordialement. ( tank's a lot) i'm in seventh heaven... jct
  9. jct

    Scrimshaw in folder knife

    yes, very beautiful knife and scrimshaw, good job. a+ jct
  10. jct


    thank's Natasha , yes it's a piece of mammoth, do you remember: Mammoth is the most wonderfull god creature after women and cows ...... hello Cristiansilva, yes, i'm agree with you bien a vous jct
  11. jct


    hello my friends, it's so long. I just want to show you my latest work. a jaguar, but silence, it sleeps... i hope you like it. Best regards jct
  12. hello everybody, it's a long time, isn't it... do you know what is a french joke?... ok, for example: in english: cheese in french: souris mammoth and silver for my little godchild( 8 years old) be happy a+ jct
  13. jct

    Natasha's Ryusa

    Dear Natasha you are juste incredible, in french: " argh!...." a+ jct and Thank you for sharing...
  14. jct

    Hello from France

    Who is laurent Gerdil?... a "Savoyard"... a " Savoyard" is a man who eats "roblochon" and who lives in the "Alps"... welcome guy a+ jct
  15. jct

    Cornel Schneider

    Hi all, yes Sergio, Cornel is the best... a+ jct