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  1. Daniel

    Can you express what you really feel?

    I'm a beginner carver, but I have been playing the guitar for 6 years. On guitar, I am familiar with all the fancy tricks and such, but have never gotten deep into them and the technical playing as much as I thought I should have, but I really don't care to because I love playing the way I do now. It sounds like technique is the only way your cousin knows how to play, and in that he has demonstrated how technique and expression are two independent things. Classical technique may be better at expressing some things, while electric rock may be better at expressing others. Relying on technique can be extremely limiting. Something doesn't have to be technically brilliant to be enjoyable and expressive. A simple chord progression can be expressive, and so can an exhilarating electric guitar solo.
  2. Daniel

    Fun kids

    Funny. The Chinese baby was good: http://www.tcnj.edu/~hofmann/humor/Misc/funkids/kids-13.jpg
  3. Daniel

    Autumn Remanent

    I'm not quite sure what that is. It's pretty dark. But no doubt a nice camera nonetheless.
  4. Daniel

    Wood Hardness

    Yes, 25mm is 2.5cm. My project is progressing well, and it's becoming easier to cut the wood the more I do it, and the more I try different angles and such. I was just curious on whether the difficulty is typical, which it does seem to be, so my mind may rest now on this matter--diligence and patience will be my companions. By the way, I am living in Scotland now, and am moving to China next month. Cheers
  5. Daniel

    Wood Hardness

    Thanks for the advice, I've now switched to my 25mm chisel, and it is much better I will say. I don't have power tools, nor do I want to buy any (I'm about to move country next month, so can't lug tools with me). The only tools I have are a set of 4 flat chisels and a Sarge chip knife. Cheers, Daniel
  6. Daniel


    I'm carving wood. When I got the blister, I popped it, and now I feel a callus coming on. I think I'm okay.
  7. Daniel

    Wood Hardness

    I've just starting carving, but the wood I'm using is so hard. I'm using an 18mm chisel and I'm basically just scraping away saw-dust and tiny shavings. It's hard to take away a larger amount of wood than just tiny shavings or saw-dust, so it's taking ages, even after sharpening my chisel, and I'm cutting along the grain. I cut the wood from a big tree branch I found lying over by the river. Then from that piece I cut a small 2x2inch section for my practice. I don't know how long the branch was lying out there for, but should age and death have anything to do with how difficult it is to cut? Is there any kind of 'norm' for how hard wood should be for carving? I'm a beginner, so I lack any kind of perspective on difficulty when cutting. I'd like to know if this is typical or if I've just chosen the wrong kind of wood. Also, I have no clue what type of wood it is, and no pictures (sorry). Cheers!
  8. Daniel

    The First Breath

    That's really nice work.
  9. Daniel


    I'm holding the piece in my left hand, chisel in my right, and using my left thumb to help guide the chisel. The left thumb is where the blisters are, from pressing on the metal of the chisel shank. Is it necessary to wear gloves or is it something my hands can get used to, as with guitarists and their fingers? I'd hate to have to wear gloves.
  10. Daniel

    Carving Rock and Stone

    Yeah. I thought it would be a difficult thing to do, so thanks for enlightening me! I think I'll stick to wood. Cheers.
  11. Daniel


    Yeah. Gloves?
  12. Daniel

    Carving Rock and Stone

    Here is a site with some useful information, but it doesn't go into great depth about the information I need: http://www.stoneshaper.com/how.html
  13. Daniel

    Carving Rock and Stone

    Hi, I'm Daniel. I'm new here. The only carving I've done was on a small plank of mahogony. I used a flat chisel to do a very simple whale and bird. It's not that good and I need to throw it out. I'm more interested in rock and stone carving, however, with rocks that I can find along the river bank, for example. I'd like to do small figurines and thinks, along the lines of Netsuke, but maybe not as tiny. I've browsed the forum here, and most seem to talk about carving wood. But what tools do you use to carve stones and rocks? Can it even be done, practically speaking, using hand tools? What is the technique for carving small rocks and stones? Is it a case of just scraping away? Cheers! Daniel
  14. Daniel

    Resize Images For This Forum

    MS Paint can be used to save pictures under the JPEG format for small file size, and it can also let you resize. This is good for people who don't have fancy graphics software, but MS Paint also runs a lot fast than some other programs, so that's a plus. There is an MS Powertoy for resizing pictures. It adds an option to the right-click menu of files that are images, and lets you easily resize them to your specifications. Check it out: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/downloa...ppowertoys.mspx
  15. Daniel


    First, thanks to Janel, the webmaster, for helping me get my account working, now I am able to post. I watched the Shawshank Redemption, starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman, which got my interested in rock carving. In the movie he carves his chess pieces and other items very simply, using a small rock hammer and rock blankets. I would like to carve in this manner, using simple hand tools. Cheers! Daniel