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  1. sergio


    Nice work Oleg.
  2. sergio


    Hi Cornel, "super", you have a good winter !
  3. sergio

    Beef Bone Barramundi

    Hi Laz, it's a good begining, the most important thing is to have pleasure when you carve. The rest comes with time and work.
  4. sergio

    New to Carving

    Hi Penny, welcome on the TCP, wher is the Dorset, please ?
  5. sergio

    Snowshoe rabbit

    Hi all,hi Mark, i'm happy to see your rabbit, when i see it, i feel the winter. Nice work, your relief is fantastic.
  6. sergio

    Projects completed

    Hi all. Nice woods, nice works, it's a real pleasure to see that, thank you ,Janel for these photos.
  7. sergio

    some videos of sword fitting making

    Hi Charles, thanks for the videos, very interesting.
  8. sergio

    dead leaves

    Hi all, thank you for all the compliments. These are my tools: power tools and hand tools.
  9. sergio

    dead leaves

    Hi Mark, thank you. Yes, i will continue to post photos and talk here, i'm happy here, like we say in France : ce n'est pas prise de tete. (it's not taking a head)
  10. sergio


    Hi Phil, in France we used to talk with the body, the hands, the eyes, with different degres of understanding, of homour etc.... and i think that all the people in the world are like us.
  11. sergio

    dead leaves

    Well Janel, you make me work very hard , and i find many things, thank you.
  12. sergio

    dead leaves

    Hi Janel, i hope it's good.
  13. sergio


    Hi all, thanks for the information Natasha. Kodo's leaves is a "point", an aim, very far away for me, and i must get over many stages , my latest leaf is just one of these stages. The most important thing is : i'm happy when i carve ! and i hope for a long length
  14. sergio

    dead leaves

    Hi all, hi Janel. I used a power tool, to give a rough aspect . And, espacially, i don't break the thin parts with it. I used hand tools and power tools to make the veins . On this leaf i used oil painting dilute with puppy oil. I have not find the better dyeing for boxwood. I'm still looking for it. I'll try to make a photo to see the details.
  15. sergio


    Hi all. I think that critic is necessary to grow. Leon tell me a good critic , and in my mind i feel what he says. Since the begining, i know that this leaf is not like the first, it's rigid. The kind words are very sympathics, it help us to feel good. But when an other carver takes time to see what you do, compares your different works, and tell you his feeling, i think that it is a compliment. If you don't want critic, you don't show what you do ! And if sometime the critic is clumsy , don't worry and try to understand what want to say your speaker. I tell that because i think that sometimes i'm clumsy , i don't speak very well english and it's hard to say exactly what i think.