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  1. Don Barnhill

    Sr Johnson Big Bear Engraved By Barry

    absolutely beautiful. Great job.
  2. Don Barnhill


    Very nice.
  3. Don Barnhill

    Frog On Mushroom

    Beautiful work. Hey ya'll. Been a while since I was on here. I'm catching up on what you have all been doing.
  4. Don Barnhill

    Which Tool?

    I've been looking at a Turbocarver with great interest. I want a high speed tool for carving bone and antler as well as wood. I don't have a clue as to which is the best. Any thoughts?
  5. Don Barnhill

    Some New Carvings And Some Bad Luck

    Michiel, Sorry to hear about the floods. Glad to hear that all are well. I like the antler work as I do some myself. What kind of tools do you use to work the Antler? I use a Dremel tool (rotary tool) with a carbide burr and finish with hand tools. Mostly I use an engravers tool for scraping as it hold an edge for a long time when used in antler. Thanks for sharing the photo's.
  6. Don Barnhill

    As The Owl Hoots

    This Owl has been visiting me in the mornings when I go outside. Monday it watched me grill steaks at about 11:oo AM. It watched me load my lawn mower and string trimmer in the trailer on Wednesday and today I saw it fly into a tree at the rear of my house and I walked outside with the camera. It let me get to within 10 feet and snap all the photo's I wanted too. Seems strange that it isn't afraid of me.
  7. Don Barnhill

    Pill Box

    Very nice. I tried the basket weave with dreadful results. Guess I need to practice a lot. Great piece, thanks for the photo's.
  8. Don Barnhill

    My New Animal Carvings (Dmitrygor)

    Beautiful job as usual. Thanks for sharing with us.
  9. Don Barnhill

    A Mako Shark Study....

    Nice piece, thanks for sharing.
  10. Don Barnhill

    Carving A Cane

    Here is the cane I am making for myself. Made many for others, so now it is my turn. Please bear in mind that the carvings are not finished. First face is about 2 inches by 1 inch, next one is about 3 inches tall.
  11. Don Barnhill

    Knife Handle.

    Don't know why it wouldn't post the photo. But here goes again.
  12. Don Barnhill

    Knife Handle.

    Carved this piece of deer antler a while back. Did a lot of hand finish work using a graver as a scraper and some home made tools. The rough out was done with a Dremel tool and a carbide burr.
  13. Don Barnhill

    Nickel Pendants

    Thanks for sharing the technique. I wondered what "Doming" was. Might just have to try this. So far my one attempt at engraving has been a Tsuba for a Tanto I made a few years ago.
  14. Don Barnhill

    Iron Chasaji

    Beautiful job, as usual. Thanks for sharing.