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  1. DanM

    Dremel Bits - Types And Rpm

    Very few hand tools are needed to start. A jewelers saw,a few needle files and a courser roughing file,some type of drill,sand paper.I have only worked with mammoth ivory and wood to make Maori hooks and twist,a 2 inch piece takes 20-30 minutes to finish.
  2. DanM

    The Coloring Of Engraved Bone

    You might try the pulpy husk on walnuts,put husk in a jar and cover with water.Let soak for about a month and strain.Various recipes for black walnut stain online.
  3. DanM

    Desert Mahonia?

    Algerita,Desert Holly,Red Barberry......... I have probably driven a truck over a few in Texas,but they are bushes and have never seen one dug up to see the root stock.
  4. Left handed problems? Most of the people I know use both hands to hold the stones while carving them. I see no problems with a clockwise turning motor,build you machine with a clockwise motor,,,,turn it 180 degrees and the motor is on the right /shaft on the left and you have a CCW rotation machine.
  5. DanM

    Classes, Schools, Teachers

  6. DanM

    Classes, Schools, Teachers

    Try contacting these .................. http://www.lapidaryclub.org/ http://www.tgms.org/ most likely they can help you.
  7. DanM

    "boreing" Ivory

    Have you looked at "forstner bits" ?
  8. DanM

    Working with Antler

    I believe it is either sambar or sitka,both species are in Australia.Sambar is the knife makers choice since there is just a "vein" in the center and not the porous marrow that is in most species.
  9. DanM

    Giant Clam Shell?

    Since you will be using a lathe,deer antler would be a better choice.All shell should be worked in a wet enviroment due to nasty/unhealthy dust.
  10. DanM

    Water Tank For Lapidary Grinder

    What type of grinder is it? Most grinders had a recirulating pump in a bucket.
  11. DanM

    Bird Eye Marble

    With the fractures and "healed" fractures present in the photo it may be a problem.It also stated in the discription it could make "small"cabs.
  12. DanM

    Creating Silhouettes For Coin Cutting

    Printed pattern attached to coin with rubber cement.
  13. DanM

    Uxi Nut Kernels

  14. DanM

    Considering Trying Metalworks

    Really basic....jeweler's saw,some kind of drill,small metal files. You need to be more specific on the types of projects.
  15. DanM

    Semi Precious Stone Grading

    Click on the descritpions and it says if they are dyed,natural,ect.