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Found 16 results

  1. Here is one I made a back in the last century, 1999. Carved brass, dremel, circuit board router bits, flexshaft w/dental bits. I set ball bearings for eyes. Used a round nose punch for the scale texture.
  2. Here is one I made a few years ago. It is four interlinked mobius strip, heart shapes. Carved from a single piece of curly maple. A mobius strip is a twisted strip with only one side.
  3. Lets see if this can start some comments. I have been getting deeper into engraving the last year or so, I have a Magnagraver setup on a foredom flexshaft. It works okay, just a little stiff and awkward for tiny detail. And my handpiece was getting long in the tooth and probably due for a rebuild. Buying a GRS system is way out of my budget, a low end Lindsay classic is a stretch (someday....) Looking online there are some good videos by Shaun Hughes on making your own pneumatic hand engravers. Years ago I picked up a dental tool that was used to compress gold foil into cavities for fillings. It was a simple motor and reciprocal piston pump that pushed/pulled air thru a small tube to tap on the rear of a punch tip. Runs off of a sewing machine motor and foot pedal. I took that and made a handpiece from an automatic center punch, an old Dremel spindle and collet nut. I made a couple different handpiece with different weight pistols for heavy or light use. I bought some of Steve Lindsay's sharpening templates ( fantastic tools, highly recommended) started back engraving and forgot all about the Magnagraver. Yeah, they probably aren't up to professional quality, but I spent maybe $30 all told. I have engraved stainless, crs, titanium aluminium etc with better results than the flexshaft. Since then I've made up a couple of other setups using small air compressor pumps modified to push/pull air. I haven't done much wood carving with them, more fun to carve by hand with razor sharp tools. You can see some of my stuff on my intro page, greeting from the Pacific Northwest. I think I posted pics in too large of format, ill try to figure out how to fix it, and throw up some more. Speak up, yell at me, tell me I'm a fool for spending time making tools, whatever, just make some noise to keep this forum alive! I only just now found out about it. Jim
  4. Hello all, I am Sean, I am a carver from Hawaii. I have officially been carving for 3 years, not counting whittling as a youngin'. I am a sculpture major an the University of Manoa, I learned more of my carving skills at a Kalai Laau class which focuses on Hawaii based carvings. I am not much of an online person, but I see on this forum a lot of peoples work that I respect and admire and hope to exchange techniques, philosophies and passion with. . I draw most of my inspiration from textile forms. Typically I like to look in to material cultures of different sorts. Or I'll see some braid, weave, knot, netting, etc. and draw from that. Then I carve them out of antler or wood. Check out the pictures! I believe there even in the right format!
  5. Hey friends! I have just recently sat out into carving a cow skull. I have engraved a skull before and have tried to dabble with full blown carving but I am having trouble with the thickness of cow bone. Does anyone have any advice on how to make short work of the thick bone? How do I go about making fine lines? It seems like only my larger bits are able to cut all the way through the bone and they are not suitable for the intricate designs that I have planned out. I am using a dremel multipro 2 - speed with engraving bits (not sure what kind they are :/ ). Is my Dremel not powerful enough for the task at hand? Are there better bits to be using? A method to soften the bone? HELP PLEASSSSE!
  6. Hello all, My name is Jim and I am an addict. But I guess that should okay, since I am addicted to socially acceptable things like, Small wood carving, hand engraving, jewellery making, gem stone faceting, etc. Blacksmithing, knifemaking, tool design and general hand tool mayhem. My background is in mechanical design, tool & die and plastic injection mold making and design. Attached are a few of the things I've done. (If it works)
  7. I’d like to say Hello to All Forum Members! My name is Zoltán, I’m from Budapest (Hungary). I design and prepare jewellery using traditional handcrafter’s techniques like carving, punching, embossing or modelling and casting. I very often use the Japanese Shibayama technique for making jewellery. I like Japanese-style objects because of their small size, the design and the meticulous elaboration. I’d like to improve my skills and knowledge in carving and shibayama/inlay topics. Unfortunatelly I couldn’t find any description about working process of preparation and used materials (glue, lacque, tools), so I had to figure out how to make it (some pictures about Shibayama inlay: http://www.individua...jewellery-made/). Thanks for accepting me into this interesting forum! Zoltán I attached pictures about my two favourite items. (Sorry because of the picture size, I tried to do my best...)
  8. Hello wood carvers, and all other types of artists, I'm in my 40's now and haven't really been involved in fine art since I was 19 years of age, which at that time I was building jewelry boxes from various types of woods including some exotics such as Purple Heart. It's kind of a ressurrection at this point to get back into art. I put a lot of thought into it and decided upon wood carving. I think Jim Redhawk inspired me more than anything. I really like his style and way of teaching. But I don't want to carry on about myself. I'm sure many can relate and have such things in common. I just bought the 11 piece Flex-Cut Craft Carvers Set last week, so I have that set and a 1/4" Buck Bros flat chisel, as well as a small utility blade that I use for a detail knife (plan to upgrade this too.) I was craving to carve something, so without having access to any preferred carving wood, I started with one of those tree support poles that you see used in landscaping- I DO NOT recommend carving into one of these. These posts are treated, come to find out, and will chip in layers easily, which is why I couldn't do much detail in the nose area. I got a video here (available in 720 HD) and a condensed photo for slower connections:
  9. Hi all I’m Darryn and I’m living in Central Otago New Zealand. I mostly carve in beef bone but I’ve done a bit of work in wood and antler as well as hard ( Pounamu ) and soft (Oamaru) stone. I pretty much like to try and carve anything - I even carved a cat skull a while ago. I’ve also made a few knives and a couple of gravers and am interested in learning about smelting and casting metal as well as just improving my carving and design skills as I’m self taught and I’ve found trial and error often provides costly and painful lessons - this site has already provided a wealth of information and ideas to try and its great to be able to see what other people are doing and have a forum to ask questions. Thanks to everyone for sharing so much amazing work and so many great ideas. Cheers Darryn
  10. I was checking out Daniel Lopacki's burrs and noticed a link to "The Carving Path". Thought to stop in and say hello. \o/ Out there/ Here is the last off the workbench in dark green Wyoming jade. Red skinned rough. ----------------------James --------------------"Digipod" on Etsy
  11. I've been looking at a Turbocarver with great interest. I want a high speed tool for carving bone and antler as well as wood. I don't have a clue as to which is the best. Any thoughts?
  12. Hi This is one of my favorite works, carved from dead standing western juniper collected from the neighbourhood hills.
  13. I mentioned in my introduction that I would post some pictures of an ice carving instillation in Texas at the Astro Dome, by a friend of mine, his name is Wang Qi (sounds like "juan chi").
  14. I have a carving lathe for sale. Need to take a photo if it. Offer a fair price as I have no idea of it's value. It works and has most all of the collets. I think one or two may be missing. Audie
  15. Hello everyone. Just thought I'd share a new piece I finished recently. It has a definite presence! This Rainbow Obsidian Spirit Mask Carving measures approximately 9" x 6" x 3" and weighs 7 LBS. I hand-mined the material from northern California, then hand-carved/shaped it, and hand-polished it. The star-shaped pattern is the backside of the carving.
  16. This is a great ebook for people who are interested in carving a snake on a curled/twisted stick. The author discusses where to find curled sticks. How to select the best stick. Tools used to carve the snake. Material used to paint and seal the stick. The ebook is available on Amazon, Google, amd Ebay. You can also purchase a copy at http://www.kywalkingstick.com.
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